Digital Cameras?

<p>I know this doesn't have anything to do with college and parents, but I need advice about picking a digital camera. I thought the parents would have more knowledge about it, so I posted it here. So does anyone have any suggestions about an everyday, normal digital camera that takes good/great quality pictures?</p>

<p>I'm not looking for a digital SLR.</p>


<p>We recently got a Canon Digital ELPH Camera -- can't remember which specific model. We also have a Nikon Cool Pix, but it's bigger/bulkier. I was looking for a camera I could put in my purse. D already had one and was very happy with it.</p>

<p>Canon (PowerShot) and Sony (Cyber-Shot) digital cameras are reliable, offer many options and take great pictures. I always order our photo and video equipment from B&H, and I find the reviews on their website very helpful in making my selection:</p>

<p>Point</a> & Shoot Digital Cameras</p>

<p>Have 3 Canon Powershots, happy with all of them. Only downside, the two older (cheaper ) ones, the SD1000 and SD1100, don't do a great job in low light or with action photos. But our newest one, the SX120, handles low light and action much better. It's bigger - the other two fit easily in a jeans pocket, but the SX120 doesn't - but it has a much better zoom. </p>

<p>My son took the SD1100 to Europe, and took some fantastic pictures of landscapes and such. He blew them up into 8 x 10's and they look professional. And he has had zero photography training.</p>

<p>Just bought the Canon digital ELPH SD 780 IS yesterday....12 megapixels. I've had a similar model but gave it to my son. </p>

<p>Canon makes great cameras.</p>

<p>I loved my NIkon Coolpix unti, unfortunately, someone stole it. :(</p>

<p>I even took a pix with it that a magazine bought and made its inside cover. :)</p>