Digital Media Studies

<p>Tyler, I noticed this major in the list at Univ of Roch but it says it is pending approval from NYS dept of ed. Can you tell me more about the classes planned for this major?</p>


<p>Digital Media Studies will be offered as a minor and an interdisciplinary BA starting in the fall of 2013 (pending NYS approval).</p>

<p>Sample Courses include: Virtual Spaces; Computational Music Theory; Machines and Consciousness; Avatar: Digital Artistry in Developing Virtual Worlds; Technology and American Values; Anime; Advanced Image and Text.</p>

<p>Fun Fact: The University's new 7,000 square-foot Digital Media Center and Fabrication Lab will open in the spring of 2013. This building is being planned to go up between Wilson Commons and Morey Hall.</p>

<p>Thanks Tyler, Will it also be offered as cluster? </p>

<p>The New Dig Media center sounds great. I also read in the student newspaper that there are plans to create an expanded student commons type area I think with a Barnes and noble like RIT did. Do you know how plans for that are progressing?</p>

<p>The clusters haven't been officially announced yet, but I imagine that a few Digital Media Studies clusters will be offered. </p>

<p>Might you be referring to the University's goal to create a "College Town" atmosphere on the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Mt. Hope? I am very excited to report that a new Cam's Pizzeria/Tim Horton's/Cold Stone Creamery complex has just been completed on that intersection. This "College Town" area is going to be amazing, but I have no idea when the U of R is going to move forward with it...</p>

<p>As for anything on campus, I haven't heard of any plans to expand Wilson Commons.</p>

<p>Yes I believe so. I read a pdf of the school newspaper and it indicated that there were some issues to work out but it might be started in the fall. Thanks Tyler for all the good info!</p>

<p>Our Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Jonathan Burdick, just announced that the Digital Media Studies Major has been approved by the New York State Department of Education. This happened very quickly, and the Admissions Office will be releasing more information as we receive it.</p>