Dilemma: Calc 3 vs AP Stat?

<p>I want to major in Political Science and International Affairs if I go to Princeton...
and I know that a Stats course is required for those majors.
However, I am currently in AP Calc BC (Junior) and have a high A, and it seems that taking AP Stat next year would be a step backward..? I know sophomores who take AP Stat to avoid Calc...and I'm not doing horrible in that class.</p>

<p>Would Princeton prefer the more "rigorous" Calc 3 over the "non-rigorous" AP Stat? Even if I'm probably never going to use Calc where I'm going with my major?</p>

<p>Defz go for Calc 3. Ap stat is a joke, 90% of colleges wont even look at it. Its a pseudo calculator games math course. </p>

<p>Statistics in college is calculous based, vs algebra based in AP stats. Its like physics B vs C.</p>