Dilemma for student: I like signal processing but dislike programming DSP chips..

<p>I really enjoy my statistical signal processing and dynamical systems classes.
I also like implementing various algorithms in Matlab.
However, I really disliked programming a DSP chip because it's extremely tedious..</p>

<p>What are some real-world signal processing applications that can be done offline (in Matlab or C++) as opposed to real time (DSP chips, FPGAs)? Thanks!</p>

<p>I am by no means an expert in DSP, but I did do DSP as my senior design/capstone class last winter. Now I will never really work with DSP for my career, so take my advice with a grain of salt...(I am following a power engineering career path.)</p>

<p>As far as college classes go, for our projects, what we always did was figure out our algorithms in Matlab. Once we were able to figure things out in Matlab, we then had the task of writing the code on the DSP chip, FPGA, etc. As our professors always said, if you can't get it working in Matlab, you won't get it working on the DSP chip.</p>

<p>So...I don't know if that helps you any...but if you are doing DSP work, you will spend plenty of time working in Matlab. You are still going to have to learn how to program a DSP chip (or have good group partners.)</p>