dilemma... help!

<p>My english teacher, who has taught me for two years in both Englsih 10 /11 accelerated and English Lit 12 honors, was kind enough to let me read her recommendation letter. However, i found one flaw in it and i am not sure if i should tell her to change it. She said i got HIGH As in both her English 10/11 honors and English lit 12 class. I did get a High A in lit 12 alright, but NOT in English 10/11 honors. I got a B in that class for the final mark and i dont think anyone in that class got an A for final, though i DID get As in term 1 and 2, but not 3. And my school transcript ONLY shows 'final mark', with a column of 'school mark', which will not be shown if the final mark is shown, and which is sometimes different from the school mark. </p>

<p>I am not sure if the admission officers will think my teacher LIED in her recommendation letter. Does it really matter? What do you think?</p>


<p>Don't try to fix it. They will understand.</p>

<p>alright.. i mean she wrote soooooooooo much good things about me that i was even embarassed.. i just dont want all her effort to be fruitless if the officers think she lied......</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry about it. The admissions officers won't have your transcript at the ready to check everything your teacher is saying about you. Even if they did notice the discrepancy, they wouldn't assume the teacher lied. They would think that your teacher's impression of you is so favorable that she doesn't remember that you ended up with a B in the class. I'm sure they are used to seeing slightly funky things on recommendations. Teachers send so many and most kids aren't given the chance to read and check them. They're just sent off.</p>

<p>hmm.. i see..</p>