Dilemma!!!! I'm freaking out

<p>Hey everyone, I've got less than a month to turn in my apps and am currently trying to narrow down my choices, so please read this and give me your advice. My "two step plan" is to spend two years somewhere to knock out prerequisites and to get a feel for what career path I should take, and then transfer to a UC campus to get my major. I'm leaning towards some type of psychology career at the moment, or maybe something based in humanities. I really don't like too much math, and too much science (chemistry) gives me a headache. I've always got A's in english though. Anyway, I want to make a a lot of money someday and I know that a UC school like UCLA or Berkeley is the place to get that foundation. My problem is that a GPA of 3.4 and SAT score of 1680 isn't quite enough to get into UC Berkeley (my dream school). So Step One, as mentioned before is to get good grades for two years at some other school. The "some other school" is my dilemma. I live in San Diego, and I have narrowed it down to SDSU and Mesa College (junior/community college). Should I just go to Mesa and save money? Wouldn't it be easier there to get the good grades I will need to transfer to UC. Or would State be the better choice? Does SDSU have a two year deal? Would it be harder to get good grades for the prerequisites? Do UC schools care which (mesa or State)? I also don't want to get stuck at SDSU! Is this even a good plan?? What would be the better choice in terms of achieving my goal of Berkeley? Please, I need some honest insight! Thanks</p>

<p>UCs tend to favor transfer applicants from community colleges over those from CSUs.</p>

<p>Use Welcome</a> to ASSIST to see which community colleges have courses that cover prerequisites for your intended major; you may need to take courses from more than one community college for some majors at some UCs and CSUs.</p>

<p>Thank you so much!!! That was the answer I wanted to hear! I will show my dad that website too! Extremely informative!!!!!</p>