dilemma, please help!

<p>i got into the scholars for med thing, but i also got offers from schools like cornell and rice. someone told me that if i go to another school undergrad, im still guaranteed acceptance to med at sb, is this true?
my problem is that, if i were to go to a prestigious school, i might not be able to keep up with everyone else there, and then might not get into any med schools at all...</p>

<p>The scholars program for med is a great program. Well known by many doctors in the Stonybrook area. If you know you definately want to be a doctor you should really consider going this route. You will save soooo much money and guarantee yourself getting into a med school. If you are not 100% sure about being a doctor, than visit all the schools and go to the one you like best, that is if money is not a consideration.</p>