Dilemma: Taking test at another high school

<p>I emailed a school that's about fifteen minutes away from my school, about taking the AP World History test there. The principal responded with, "I will forward this message to the AP Coordinator and get back to you as soon as possible ... " </p>

<p>That was January 7 -- It's now twenty days later and I haven't gotten a reply, although I did email him again on Monday asking if there was any more news. No response.</p>

<p>Getting a bit anxious since most schools' deadlines for AP registration are nearing ... what should I do? March up to the school and introduce myself?</p>

<p>Why don't you just call the school?</p>

<p>Already did. They have a tendency not to reply, it seems. :/ Also, their AP test registration date is next week so I don't want to keep calling back and forth waiting for a reply.</p>

<p>Why not try visiting the school in person?</p>