<p>OK I have kind of a dilemma to sort out: See my prof thinks that I should be doing research solely for the sake of intellectual thirst and stuff like that but I told her flat out: I need pubs!!!
Now I look like an ass for saying that. What's the position to take for my argument? (research for the sake of pubs!)</p>

<p>There's too much emphasis on publications on CC. Most undergraduates do not have publications prior to application. The most important parts are the extent of your research experience, how your PI/Advisor views the quality of your work, and how your research prepares you for your specific interests.</p>

<p>I'm sorry that I probably won't be helping you out, but I agree with your professor.</p>

<p>Research should be done because you enjoy doing it, because you're inquisitive, curious, and want to find out answers to problems that are plaguing society or even just minor problems that need to be sorted out.</p>

<p>Publications come if you do find those answers. The thing is, research is painstaking work. You're not always going to discover something new. There will be many failed experiments before you get results. But that's the beautiful part of the learning process.</p>

<p>To answer your question, yes I know you probably want publications, but the thing is you're not going to get publications unless you do research that means something. And usually if you're passionate about what you're doing, you will get enough to publish.</p>

<p>If you put out garbage then it will eventually catch up to you later on down the line. Listen to your advisor here. You should focus on enjoying your research now, while you still can. Later on, you'll be under so much pressure to produce that you might wind up hating your research. Take your time now. You'll thank yourself later.</p>