<p>Ok, I'm a muslim student who wants to major in finance. The only problem is that in islam, any involvement with interest is prohibited. So i don't know if a career in finance would be for me. Should i major in finance, then work in a muslim country later, or should i major in economics? By the way, cacn someone describe to me exactly what a consultant does?</p>

<p>consultants are hired by corporations when they're running into trouble, consultants come and try to show them ways to fix whatever problem they are having.</p>

<p>I think if you're living in America you should try to be okay with interest ... it's a pretty important and widespread thing over here.</p>

<p>Everything deals with interest. In a capitalist society people lend in order to get something back. Even if you invest in some company there is a very good probability that they may be getting interests. People simply don't give free money to each other without getting some sort of a compensation.</p>