dilemna with ED

<p>i'll keep this short and sweet. I really want to go to NYU stern. however im not one of the brightest out there when it comes to ETS tests. yeah i got owned. 1960 SATs. 800 Chinese 680 IICs 620 Chem 600 Lit
however, GPA's good..decent...over 4.0 weighted. 3.87 unweighted.
ECs decent too. Pres of Freshmen class, Rep for Student Council Jr yr, NHS Pres Jr and Sr yr, black belt taekwondo, etc..
internship at morgan stanley since january</p>

<p>so yeah, its those damned scores...</p>

<p>anyway like i said, sterns my first choice. i'd do anything to go there. so would early decision help? ive been getting mixed reviews. some say it ups my chances, some tell me dont apply ED unless you know for sure you're qualified.</p>

<p>oh yeah, financial factors. my parents are willing to go all out. and i'd probably be doing work study. myb student loan and never retire?</p>

<p>anyway, whaddya think? ED or no?</p>

<p>I don't think NYU cares if you can pay or not because they accept most without giving them aid anyway!! Your math is low for Stern, can you raise it? What's your math SATI? And dare I guess you're Chinese with the only 800?</p>