dimensions of dorms

<p>does anyone know where I can find the dimensions of the dorms?</p>

<p>It varies by dorm, and even varies by room on each floor (due to pillars, etc.) I think they told us double rooms are usually roughly 10 x 12. Enough room for all the furniture they provide, and that's about it (besides a dorm refrigerator somewhere). Obviously you can make more space with bed risers for storage underneath, or lofting your bed. If you want to loft your bed, the best thing to do is to arrange it ahead of time so it's done. Our experience is that if you wait until you get to campus, you may be waiting for awhile, and may need to call and follow up a few times (catch22...usually you and your roommate won't know that you want to do this until you get there and actually see the room). </p>

<p>We got carpet remnants at Lowe's, and went no bigger than 8 x 10 so as to have the most flexibility in placing the carpet in the dorm room. (your furniture will take up most of the wall space so it does not need to go wall to wall).</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>