Dining Hall Jobs

<p>I got an email announcing open positions were available in various dining halls and cafes, so I applied ASAP because I will be really needing a job on campus. I have a 3 years cashier experience, and i want to know what are my chances of getting a job in a dining hall?</p>

<p>The way i see it, anyone that has ANY job experience before coming to College has a great chance of getting a job at the DH. So you should be fine.</p>

<p>It's not that hard to get but it's definitely not the best job. If you can find a better job with more pay, do it. The DH is easy work but at least at 9/10, some of the managers are horrible and can't seem to understand that students are in College for school, not to work their ass off</p>

<p>You sound like you're in good shape. Even if you don't get into the dining hall for early arrival, keep applying and they'll eventually accept you. Or begin applying to other jobs on campus. Use the online system to look for and apply for jobs, then email the supervisor or go in person to check in on it. I didn't get the DH job last year, but I found another job in the winter. The DH will most likely take you if you have that much experience, but if they don't, you still have other options.</p>