dining hall theme night

<p>i remember seeing something somewhere about one of those special theme nights in the dining halls - a steak-themed night this month, i believe. anyone know the specific date?</p>

<p>Omg Beef!!! When?!</p>

<p>its not exactly the steak you'd find at a restaurant but there will be a lot of other good "western style" entrees</p>

<p>thurs may 24</p>

<p>Here's hoping for medium rare.</p>

<p>last year i remember it was more towards the well done side of the scale. :p</p>

<p>oh well a good steak is a good steak... none of that half-fat half-meat crud xD</p>

<p>i may have some friends coming over that day..can nonucla students eat during this themed dining night?</p>

<p>usually people with premier can swipe others in, but not for these nights.</p>

<p>you'll have to buy a meal pass, i think.
they let you do that, right?</p>

<p>anyways doesn't matter to me. i'm going home so i'm missing it...
oh well. home > steak lol!</p>

<p>OH DAMN ITS TONIGHT. gnite.</p>


you'll have to buy a meal pass, i think.
they let you do that, right?


<p>I believe not .. the least you must have is the 5 meal plan I believe to get in .</p>

<p>... there's a 5 meal plan??</p>

<p>for commuters</p>


... there's a 5 meal plan??


<p>You don't need to be a commuter to use this plan, but it's for 1 meal a day, which is usually a commuter's dinner.</p>

<p>So describe how good it was please</p>

<p>best dining hall meal ever!</p>

<p>steak was better than last year. the shrimp scampi linguini wasnt anything special...it was just like the shrimp pasta covel has every so often. the western bbq bacon cheese burger was good, but i didnt finish it (i got a second steak :D). cheesecake was good.</p>

<p>that's all i tried. they also had some giant portobello mushroom as well as pasta with feta or something for the vegetarians. and they had carrot cake, but the frosting looked really sugary so i opted for the cheesecake instead.</p>

<p>Mmm. I can't wait until I start school then. Any more stories about the savory food?</p>

<p>mmm steak was good
boo I didn't see any good desserts when I went
but I did get carrot cake for lunch, and that was pretty good.
They listed warm strawberry near the pizza section so I thought it was some odd choice of pizza topping but then I found out it was supposed to be warm strawberry cobbler :P</p>

<p>i want some strawberry pizza!</p>