Dining Halls

<p>I'm an incoming freshman and I was wondering which of the dining halls had the best food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I've heard that OVT is really popular and that Muir's new dining hall is opening this year too. </p>

<p>Also, I'm in Sixth College and I was wondering what stuff Foodworx has for breakfast.</p>

<p>thats right, OVT and Muir's dining halls are the best x]
i never got to eat at muir, since it was under construction all of last year, but it's supposed to have the best food .</p>

<p>-dont eat at revelle/Plaza, the food quality is very lowwwwww. it's lots of fried foods..
-Cafe V [at ERC] is pretty good too. they have sushi x]
-warren's ..not good food selection imo. only been there 2x
-6th i thought they had a decent food selection. the place is small though[combines dining hall + market into 1], only outdoor seating available; i'm not sure about what breakfast foods they have :/ but their pizza is good; and they have a peanut butter, nuttella, banana burrito thing; and salads; regular sandwiches; probably cereal, etc...</p>

<p>soo..i'd rank them
1/2 muir
1/2 ovt -marshall
3 cafe v- erc
5 warren
6 plaza/revelle</p>

<p>thats just my opinion..</p>

<p>foodworx has good sandwiches, pizzas, quesedillas, breadsticks, and wraps. the dining hall is small compared to other dining halls because there is no indoor seating, only outdoor seating. people who've never eaten at fooworx or don't even know where it is think the food sucks because the dining hall is small, but honestly its actually pretty good, its just the variety is pretty small.</p>

<p>everyone thinks ovt is so good, but honestly i don't see what separates ovt from any of the other dining halls like cafe v, plaza, or canyon vista. they all serve almost the same food, with a few differences here and there, but it really makes no difference. i heard that muir's dining hall in the past has been the best (didn't get to eat it this past year cuz it was closed), and it will be reopening this year and its supposedly good.</p>

<li>cafe v</li>
<li>canyon vista</li>

<p>Personally I think OVT's breakfast is great and that Cafe V has some of the best choices overall. It can be hit or miss, though. I'm in Sixth and can say that while Foodworx is the most convenient to eat at, you may get tired of it soon, so take advantage of having classes across campus and eat at other dining halls when you can :)
and... avoid Plaza Cafe at Revelle unless you have no time to go elsewhere. your stomach will thank you. </p>

<p>For breakfast, Foodworx has... oatmeal with brown sugar and other toppings, breakfast burritos with "eggs" (substitute) and the usual veggies, and meat if you want it, hash browns that are usually underdone, and scrambled "eggs" if you want to order a la carte. They also make omelettes - the quality will vary widely because some people can make them very well while others don't know what they're doing, really, and make them all runny... You have to stand in line to order the burritos and omelettes. The lines can range from almost nonexistent, early on weekday mornings (when they open at 9), to extremely long on the weekends, when they open at 11. At Foodworx, fresh breakfast is only served from 9 to 10:30ish on weekdays, so you have to be quick.
Ok, I know I haven't made the breakfast sound that appetizing, but really the burritos aren't bad. Really filling, too.
They also have donuts and pastries, which are fresh in the morning, in addition to a waffle maker with fruit and syrup. All dining halls have the waffle maker in the morning, I think.<br>
Hope that helps.</p>

<p>at cafe v, they have a waffle maker which stamps "UCSD" into the waffles. hahaha. it's so cool.</p>

<p>^^ yes, at foodworx and ovt too : )</p>

<p>Do people regularly cook their own food as well? Or is it too time consuming?</p>

<p>should I not get fridge/microwave for my dorm? or do the dining halls get repetitive/bland after a couple of weeks?
thanks for your help :)</p>

<p>^I ate everything at the dining halls. Most people would probably prefer a fridge and microwave though. I would coordinate it with your room/suitemates.</p>

<p>Here's my rankings.</p>

<li>Cafe V</li>

<p>Is Plaza really that bad?? I remember I thought it was pretty good when I ate there during orientation....but, then again, they probably jazzed everything up for orientation....</p>

<p>Fridge and microwave are actually really helpful for like, leftovers, milk for cereal in the mornings if you're running late, frozen food, warming up your dining hall food b/c it's too cold, etc. I found them to be really useful.</p>


<p>Perhaps. Every dining hall has food items that are good and bad. You just find out really quickly that Plaza manages to consistently serve out crap. If you like eating there though, nobody's stopping you.</p>

<p>how expensive is everything at the dining halls?
i know we can always stock on triton cash or buy up if we run out, but i was approximately how much do ppl usually spend a day at the dining halls? thanks.</p>

<p>^The minimum meal plan you get is $2893 for the year which comes out to $12.14 a day. If you upgrade to the full meal plan, it's $3400 for the year which is $14.29 a day. You might be wondering though, "Why would anybody get the full meal plan when they could just add on however much Triton Cash they needed and also get a discount?" Well, they wouldn't.</p>

<p>at the dining halls, it's not like berkeley's dining halls (err at least one of them) where you slide your card when you first walk in and that's the only time you pay (unless you leave and come back), or is it?</p>

<p>^No it's not like that. It's more similar to going to a grocery store. You pick out the items that you want and you pay for each individual item. It's not like other college campuses where you swipe your card once and eat as much as you want.</p>

<p>soo around 12 dollars a day. do most ppl find it enough to get through lunch and dinner with that? and if you buy breakfast, that amount is spread out even more...</p>

<p>Honestly, it depends on how much you eat. Most girls I know had hundreds left over at the end of the year. I had like $600 to spend at Earl's on various kitchen items and huge costco things. The guys I know, however, ran out at the end of winter quarter/the beginning of spring.</p>

<p>For most people, $12 isn't enough for one day. The food is overpriced so if you eat 3 meals per day, you'll spend way more than $12. However, what I did to reduce how much I spent was not buying drinks at all. I just drank water.</p>

<p>There are other factors to consider whether you will have enough dining dollars or not. Some people go home a lot, like every other weekend. That means those days you are home, the dining dollars you would have spent are not being spent so you will have a little extra money to spend on the days you are there. Also, you might go out and eat a couple times with your friends, suite-mates, building-mates, or any organization you might happen to join. </p>

<p>For me, personally, I went home once a month, and I always brought a bit of my own snacks from home such as bowl noodles. I didn't buy any drinks and only ate 2 meals per day (though it would usually come out to more than $12). I had $80 left over on the last day of school so I just bought a bunch of random snacks to take home.</p>

<p>Why can't it be an all-you-can-eat deal like some of the other colleges? xD</p>