Dining Plans

<p>Anyone have any insight into which is the best dining plan at BU?</p>

<p>I think that probably is different for each person. It depends on how often you plan on eating in the dining hall. I don't know what would make one better than another.</p>

<p>I'm picking the 9plus plan. Its 9 meals a week, but it comes with more dining points, which I think I will use more of. Another popular one is the 14plus plan... which is 14 meals a week. It is the same price as the 9plus, but it has less dining points.</p>

<p>i was torn between the 9 and 14.</p>

<p>I picked the 9 because I know I am more likely to get a burger at a late night cafe, then go get a meal in the dining hall. I dont see myself going down there twice a day... but who knows. You can chage it up to 10 weeks into the semester i think. And theyre all the same price except for the kosher one.</p>

<p>This has been posted before many times, but most of the discussions have vanished . . . somehow . . . somewhere. You can see my comment [url=<a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=52639%5Dhere%5B/url"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=52639]here[/url&lt;/a&gt;].&lt;/p>

<p>Or here:


<p>I had the 14+ plan first semester, but found that the 9+ plan worked much better for me second semester. When I had the 14 plan, I would have meals left over at the end of the week, cuz I wouldn't always go down to the dining hall twice a day, and I would NEVER go three times a day, so that was wasted money/food right there. If I ever need to go to the dining more than 9 times in a week, I could just use a guest meal. However, the dining hall food gets old real fast, and Cranberry Farms in the GSU is just so good.... and the Jamba Juice...</p>

<p>Jamba Juice?! I prefer to eat my three-course meals.</p>

<p>Jamba Juice's Moo'd Peanut Butter Power Smoothie (with no boosts):
Blame me for the commentary. . . and calculations.</p>

<p>Calories: 1,290 kCal
(compare to 324.45 kCal for equivalent quantity of milk)</p>

<p>Total grams of fat: 32g (9g saturated)
(compare to 1.6686g total for equivalent quantity of milk)</p>

<p>Sodium: 830mg
(about 14 salted crackers worth) (compare to 482.04mg for equivalent quantity of milk)</p>

<p>Total carbohydrates: 216g
(6g dietary fiber, 192g sugar [so, 210g net effective grams])
(compare to 98.262g for equivalent quantity of Coca-Cola)
(compare to 44.9595g for equivalent quantity of milk)</p>

<p>Protein: 35g
(compare to 31.518g for equivalent quantity of milk)</p>

<p>Calcium: 120% RDI
(compare to 1891.08mg, or about 218.875% RDI for a female young adult, for equivalent quantity of milk)</p>

<p>The only values Jamba Juice exceeds milk in healthily are iron (15% RDI) and Vitamin C (25% RDI)</p>

Caclium-fortified</a> skim milk data
Unflattering</a> Jamba Juice nutrition information
Coke</a> information
Everything</a> else, including recommended daily intake values</p>

<p>Here we come, Freshman 35!</p>

<p>OH MY! 216g of Carbs!!</p>

<p>Could somebody please explain the difference between the plans?? THey cost relatively the same, but what is the deal with the 9 and 14 meals and the unlimited?? Why don't pple save themselves the hassle and get the unlimited plan? THey all cost the same?!</p>

<p>Ok well not all of us get the one with peanut butter in it. I prefer the fruity ones. Like the "Peenya Kowlada" (oh please leave me in my ignorant bliss and don't post the nutritional info...)</p>

<p>(Oh, and BTW, you posted the info for the largest size... which is friggin HUGE.)</p>

<p>Oh dear, too late, I looked it up myself. Looks like I'll be choosing the Mango Mantra from now on...</p>

<p>My son has a plan where he gets a certain number of meals a semester (not by the week). He finds that this works very well. He had the 14 plus his freshman year, switched to the 9 plus for this year. But he switched to the meals per semester plan this semester. He did this because he rarely is able to eat in the dining hall for lunch and the convenience points are able to be used all up and down Commonwealth ave, and in the student center.</p>