Dining plans

<p>What type of dining plans do most penn students have? I mean, do most students visit one of the dining halls for every meal or do the majority of students eat out/find other options?</p>


<p>im also attending penn next year, and from what ive heard, the liberty plan is the best plan</p>

<p>there are a couple plans in total, ranging from unlimited access to the dining halls to having flexible dining options outside of the dining halls. </p>

<p>but apparently no one uses up all of the allotted meals under even the liberty plan (where you have the least number of dining hall visits but have money to spend elsewhere)</p>

<p>next year, i think im going with the liberty plan (meal plans are required for the first year)</p>

<p>have always recommended liberty for freshmen - wish i could have gone back and picked it myself, way back when</p>

<p>Huh? If there are 15 weeks in a semester, the liberty plan only allows for 8 meals per week, and $50 per week. Wouldn't most freshman want to go to the dining hall more often than that? $50 doesn't pay for many outside meals.</p>

<p>First</a> Year Dining Plans</p>

<p>I will need to be figuring this out soon also...</p>

<p>You'd think so...but it never turns out that way for some reason. Many students pass up on breakfasts, lunches are usually used by dining dollars, that leaves enough meals for dinners every day (but don't forget about kids who have kitchens in their rooms, or the fact that there are restaurants/fast food places all around campus).</p>

<p>when you're on the go it's easier to stop by houston market or food trucks rather than take the time to go into the dining hall</p>

<p>this is why just about everyone has meals left over that they must frantically use up at the end of the semester</p>

<p>Trust me, it is actually quite difficult to use 125 meals in a semester. First of all, your dining plan runs from the first day of classes (i.e. the Wednesday after Labor Day) until the last day of exams each semester (usually the third week in December), and depending on when your exams finish, you will leave up to a week earlier than that, so that is 14 weeks maximum. Factor in the four day fall break and the four day Thanksgiving break and you have thirteen weeks (in the spring, spring break will reduce it to 13 weeks).</p>

<p>The average Penn freshman won't use his meal plan for every single dinner for a few reasons... first, Philadelphia boasts some of the best restaurants in the United States, and even cheap options around campus are delicious; second, campus dining isn't exactly the most tasty food you can ask for; third, eating dining hall food gets old after awhile, and your hall is likely going to want to eat at different places, especially early in the semester.</p>

<p>My freshman year I wound up with 65 meals after first semester. I had to make a concerted effort to eat at the dining hall WAY more than I wanted to in order to even come close to finishing the plan for second semester.</p>