direct admittance programs Northeast/South

<p>Has anyone done research on the elementary ed programs in the Northeast or South that have direct admittance into their programs? I'm finding quite a few schools have admittance into the ed dept. in the jr. year, and that enrollment is limited. My daughter was told, for example, by UMASS that even if you meet ALL requirements there are only "x" spots, admission is competitive, and if you don't get in, there wasn't much you could do except reapply the following year. Same with UCONN and Rutgers, etc. We would like to concentrate on schools, therefore, that you get in the ed program as an entering freshman. (Realizing that one still has to continue meeting standards thru the 4 yrs.) I thought I'd ask if in case someone has just looked at this. Thanks!</p>

<p>Most majors have some kind of declaration procedure. I know when I was applying, Vanderbilt and Millersville had me directly apply to the major, but I know Vanderbilt has changed this process. At UVA where I went, pretty much everyone with a decent set of grades and child-centered experiences was admitted to the program. They have these application procedures in place to keep people who would not pass the content exams (PRAXIS) from doing coursework that would lead them no where when they can't pass the exams (preliminary exams are usually a prerequisite to get into the programs).</p>