Direct Commission from NROTC?

<p>Sorry to ask this on a USNA forum, but people here seem very knowledgeable.</p>

<p>If I am rejected from USNA and go to Norwich for the Corps of Cadets (even if I don't have an NROTC scholarship), do I have to go to OCS after graduation? My recruiter said that was how it worked, but from what I've heard, Senior Military Colleges grant commissions upon graduation if the student has performed 4 years of the cadets and is medically/physically qualified.</p>

<p>Anybody know?</p>

<p>If you enroll in an ROTC program at college and complete the program you will get a diploma from your college upon graduation and a commission as an Officer in the Service through which you completed ROTC; NROTC for Navy, AROTC for Army, AFROTC for Air Force etc. Whether you have the option of taking a commission or not comes down to whether you enjoyed any scholarship benefits past your Sophomore year. </p>

<p>You/he may be confusing "Military colleges" with ROTC programs. You can attend a Military college like Norwich, VMI, the Citadel etc and also enroll in an ROTC program (with some Military colleges it's mandatory though the commission at the end is not). In most cases if you go ROTC and take scholarship money past your Sophomore year you will likely also pick up a commitment to serve. You can however participate in ROTC all four years (as many do in colleges like Norwich and VMI) and just graduate with a degree and no obligation.</p>

<p>If you are trying to get a commission, you HAVE to go to OCS whether on scholarship or not. Plebe summer is the academies version of OCS. besides an academy, there is no way to become an officer without going to OCS in some form or another.</p>

<p>Hm. Did some research, and according to the US Code: Title 10, Chapter 103:</p>

<p>(1) The Secretary of the Army shall ensure that a graduate of a Senior Military College who desires to serve as a commissioned officer on active duty upon graduation from the college, who is medically and physically qualified for active duty, and who is recommended for such duty by the professor of military science at the college, shall be assigned to active duty.</p>

<p>Not sure if this is specific to army or if it applies to all branches.</p>



<p>OCS is NOT required for NROTC Navy students. However, OCS is required for NROTC Marine Option. Midshipmen with a marine option attend OCS during their 2nd Class and 1st Class summer training.</p>

<p>scubaguy I'm sorry to say everything you've stated in your post is completely incorrect beginning with your comments about OCS, as someone who went through ROTC and received his commission upon graduation from college without going through OCS I think I can speak to this subject with a bit more certainty, </p>

<p>OCS is typically used to directly commission officers who have already earned or completed their degree, take for example a practicing lawyer or a doctor that decides to join as a JAG or physician. </p>

<p>Plebe summer has absolutely nothing to do with OCS in any way, shape or form. </p>

<p>When people ask questions on this board, especially young adults that are trying to make important decisions about their life and choices I hope you recognize that posting about a subject you obviously know absolutely nothing about is not at all helpful, if you are going to post and are unsure about a subject than by all means do a little homework or research first before hitting post</p>

<p>scubaguy17 where are you getting you info from?</p>