Direct Hits or the Free 1000/5000 Vocab Lists?

<p>I know that Direct Hits books are a great source for SAT vocab, but what about the 5000 and 1000 common SAT vocab lists? Would they be good enough? I'm talking about the lists that Silverturtle posted on his SAT/college guide:
1000 word: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>5000 word list: 5000</a> FREE SAT Vocabulary Words + SAT Test Prep Math Notes</p>

<p>The guide mentions an overlap of the 2 lists, but what about overlap with DH and the lists? DH only has like 400 words right? And the 1000 list is about double that.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, not really into spitting out the dough for DH...</p>

<p>A few points to consider:
DH actually has around 550 boldface words. The DH words do include most of the key Level 3 - 5 words that appeared on last year’s SATs. These words have a way of repeating themselves. The DH mix of pop culture and AP history examples is by far the best available.
The 1000 word list is pretty good. I printed it out last year. Just checked the list and am disappointed to see that it has not been updated. For example, polymath, crystallize, hobble, etc have not been added to the list. So it does not reflect recent words that are appearing on the SAT.
The 5000 word list is a ridiculous waste of time. Using it is like memorizing a mini-dictionary. Very inefficient use of time.</p>