Direct Hit's Volumes 1 SAME AS 2?

<p>Hey so I just ordered volume 1 of direct hits, and I was reading a review for the second one installment, and it said that it had the pretty much the same words from the first volume..</p>

<p>Is this true? Is volume 2 very similar to volume 1 in terms of the words? Or do they have completely different but accurate SAT words?</p>

<p>Completely different. Volume one is basically core vocab, while volume 2 gets into comprehensive vocab.</p>

<p>Ok thanks, still looking for more opinions though :)</p>

<p>The words are not the same at all</p>

<p>Ok thanks guys :D</p>

<p>How many words do Direct Hits V I and II make up together?</p>

<p>Around 500-600 words if you add the extras</p>


<p>I meant how many entries not words, my bad. (?)</p>

<p>You need both volumes to study effectively. While volume 1 is core vocabulary, something that is hugely recommended and the second volume is just more of a recommendation, with more advanced words, comprehension, and famous roots. There are 400 in total words so around 200 will be in the first volume and 200 in the second. Good luck!</p>

<p>What is the difference between an entry and a word?</p>

<p>I assume what he meant by a entry is the word or words that are part of a number, so there are 400 entries in both volumes, 200 each. A word in the books is any word fully capitalized that may appear on the SAT, but may differ based on your perspective when you consider the words with multiple meanings like CHECK.</p>

<p>Where can I find the list of Direct Hits vocab online?</p>

<p>Honestly, there isn'y any or its really hard to find.</p>


<p>Yes, that's exactly what I mean! The first 200 is what you've probably learned in school in Junior year. Then it gets harder. Most of these words are based on previous SAT and are made by examining recurring words. Studying just 150 of these words would probably better assure you on the SAT then studying 4000 Barron's words (mostly because Barron's just jumbled up words and also it includes GRE practice words too.)</p>

<p>*Note for the advanced words and roots, there are easy words such as Epic or Eschew because SAT uses these words in such a context that its hard to distinguish between different definitions.</p>

<p>Does anyone have a PDF of volume 2?</p>

<p>even i need volume2 pdf.does anyone have it?</p>

<p>Study</a> table about Direct Hits: Volume 2, 2011 Edition!!!
its not a pdf but it has all the words.</p>

<p>just buy the books, the pdfs dont give u the sentences they use in context, which really sucks. to be honest, i was able to mater direct hits BECAUSE of their clever and funny sentences...</p>

<p>The cheapest version of this book is in amazon
you can buy this for your kindle for 9.99</p>

<p>I just got my new 4th edition reviewer copies of the Direct Hits books today <a href=""&gt;;/a>. Will give you a review over the weekend.</p>