Direct Hits

<p>i just ordered Direct Hits Core Vocabulary Of The Sat and Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary Of The Sat online. could someone please inform me of a good way to study these books? and also, how many words are there in both of these books?</p>

<p>200 words per book–total of 400. Just go through it and memorize the words, it even has a pop culture or history reference using each word to help you remember it.</p>

<p>i just go to the back and memorize everything lol</p>

<p>^ Yeah, I’ve found that the descriptions sometimes help (especially the shameless pop culture references), but it is much more efficient to learn directly from the back.</p>

<p>how long did it take y’all to memorize all the words?</p>

<p>Depends on your motivation…and how well you can brute force yourself to memorize words ;D</p>

<p>I took five weeks to memorize both books once, and now I’m going back to review. The hardest part is retaining all the definitions from now til your next SAT test.</p>

<p>took 1 day for each book.</p>

<p>just like you. 2 days total. I started the wednesday before the sat and finished late thursday :stuck_out_tongue: but to tell you the truth i messed up math and writing so much coz i wasnt mentally ready to do them. But thank god i got a very nice CR score. anything about 550 in my place is AMAZING :stuck_out_tongue: (international xD)</p>

<p>It is important to use the index in the back of each book to make sure you know all the words. There are the 400 numbered words and then there are extra words used in the definitons and examples which gets the total words to over 500.</p>

<p>I think you should make flashcards of the words that you dont know or the words you find difficult…</p>

<p>when you have learnt a word you can make lists of flashcards of the words you know and the words you dont know</p>

<p>I think this helps. :)</p>



<p>Some of the numbered entries have two or more words. According to my count, there are actually 386 words in the first book, 360 words in the second book, and 667 words total (79 appear in both books).</p>



<p>I personally use a free flashcard program called Anki. After you see each card, you rate each card depending on how well you know that word, so the program automatically shows the cards that you don’t know the next time you study. This is called a spaced repetition system (SRS). I’m studying 50 words a day and because I see the new, unfamiliar words more often, I can remember them better.</p>

<p>How many words were in 2011 that were not in 2010? I got about 20 before that thread was deleted because of leaking info.</p>