Direct Med programs

DD wants to be a doctor, she found bunch of "direct med " programs and thinks it is a really good thing for her.
My question here - what is the catch? Hard to get in? Are there any admission stats on those programs separately from college stats?
Anything I am missing?
I really need some guidance here, no doctors in the family and no inside knowledge.

There’s an entire thread dedicated to BS/MD admissions. Check it out. The programs are incredibly competitive and there are pros and cons to this path to an MD and to each individual program.

These programs have varying criteria and processes for getting into the medical school portion of study…so make sure you understand what they are.

These BS/MD programs are more competitive than highly competitive colleges like the Ivy League schools, Stanford, MIT and the like.

I am searching for this thread now.
Cons are especially interesting, since daughter found bunch of pros :slight_smile:

Scroll through…lots of different threads.

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