Disability support services Stetson University

I was admitted to Stetson with a nice merit package. I have learning disabilities and maintained a 3.11 GPA and only took 2 honors classes in high school. I am concerned about the rigor of the school and if I can keep up. Does anyone have any input on this college for students who struggle academically? I was also accepted to Marist College and they are well known for their disability program. However I didn’t receive merit money from Marist. These are the two schools I am choosing from and the deadline is approaching. I appreciate any feedback.

Stetson is definitely academically rigorous. Not above and beyond like the upper tier schools, but it isn’t a walk in the park either. They have a great tutoring center available for all students to use, but it does not cater to students with learning disabilities. Not sure what their specific disability services are.