Disappointing my parents with last semester grades

I am starting my summer semester and it slipped out that I got my grades. However i failed some of my classes and was pushed back a year of graduating but my parents do not know that. I’ve never failed a course while I was at this college, but when I told my dad he was annoyed and we haven’t had the full conversation yet and I’m scared because I don’t like disappointing my parents. I already made a plan to make sure I still graduate in 2023. So should I just tell them my plan?

Did COVID have anything to do with these failing grades?

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So many posters on this forum right now, both students and parents, with unusual failing grades due to COVID isolation, stress and virtual learning. Were you on campus? We have all been through trauma and for young people like you, who may have been affected, those effects seem to be going unrecognized.

Hey guys,
so update is I told my father first and we had a heart to heart so now we’re just trying to out how much financial aid I would be able to get because of my grades

This is good news indeed; your father is very understanding and loving. I hope that your summer course will progress smoothly and the fall semester will be even better.