Disciplinary action?

Hello, I am currently a freshman at Emory University. I plan on applying to the business school next year. Unfortunately, I’ve been written up a whopping 6 times, one of which was expunged due to medical amnesty. Most of these write ups are very minor. I was a witness in one, and I had a lounge chair in my dorm room for the other. The rest had to do with alcohol and marijuana. I have talked to my res life director multiple times for up to an hour and I can tell he doesn’t want me to get in too much trouble with the school. With that being said, how likely is it that I will be suspended from Emory? While getting kicked out of the residence hall would suck, I would much rather have that happen than be booted from such a great institution. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Are you worried that disciplinary action is going to come against you? I’m sure you should probably talk to Residential council or something like that to learn more. If they haven’t mentioned it to you there should be no reason to worry.

But, yes B-school admissions is gonna be hard with those violations.

Well I’m currently awaiting 5 different conduct hearings. Thanks for the response. I’ve been getting really involved on campus this semester so that coupled with my personal grown will hopefully help me when it comes to B-school admissions. I’m mainly just worried about suspension.

5 different conduct hearings? Are you going to the University Conduct Council? If so I’m assuming I’ll probably see you at the hearing… Depends on the severity of the cases but honestly if you haven’t caused any trouble and truly show you learn from your actions you should be fine. Possibly suspended but I usually see suspension because of academic reasons.

Why don’t you just obey the rules? That would make sense.

Really don’t need a sarcastic response like that. I’m just trying to gauge the seriousness of the situation. I had a very rough time during my first semester family issues, social issues, etc. Please be respectful as this is really serious to me as I’ve grown a lot since these write ups. Please leave this thread.

Thank you for your response @thecoolboy1234
I believe that’s where I’m headed. My res hall director has been incredibly kind with me as we talk on nearly an every other day basis. My academics are not the issue at the moment and hopefully I can keep it that way as long as I don’t screw myself with finals lol. The cases in general aren’t serious at all besides the marijuana incident, as the state of Georgia is very strict with that.

You’re not allowed to have lounge chairs in the room??

@Oliea98 nope, makes sense though. Its public property, by taking it to your room you’re “stealing” from the public for your private use.

Sort of silly rule but it does make sense.

I meant to take it out before winter break but I blanked on that one lol. I wish they could’ve just asked or gave me a warning for it. My friends in other dorms do it all the time but they put them back so I went wrong there. But yeah my offense are very minor in general and hinder no one but myself so I hope that will help

You don’t respect the rules at Emory and you expect others to be “respectful” of you? If you continue with your past behavior it is very serious.

And you will have to bear the consequences for participating in that scene.

Very funny. Maybe they’d be sick of my antics after hearing that I plan on starting my own organization here on campus as well as the fact that I’m a part of many other volunteer organizations here. All I’m asking is for serious, respectful responses. My RA and I are actually very close as well thank you very much. He’s just been plain rude to me and I really don’t appreciate rudeness.

Honestly, I had a very helpful response from @thecoolboy1234 and that’s all I needed so to avoid anymore rude people like @OspreyCV22 and TomSr I shall delete this thread after my complaint has been reviewed.

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Aaaaand you don’t get to delete your threads, either.

Apparently the OP has learned nothing from his experience.

Because you are a new poster, I’d like to help you understand how this site works. First, it’s important that you go back and read the terms of service so that you understand how this forum works for future posts. The understanding is that posters are respectful of each other’s different opinions. Once a thread is started it cannot be deleted , so it’s important to think about what is posted here. You will get some responses that you find helpful and others that you don’t. Use the info that you find helpful and disregard the info that you don’t . If you feel that someone is not following the terms of service ,flag that post and a moderator will evaluate the post and decide whether to leave it or modify it. The moderator has the final say over what is removed or edited from the thread. No disrespect intended, but it seems that you get angry quickly. You may want to work on that prior to any disciplinary hearings so that you have a positive outcome. Good luck.

Actually what I hope the OP learns from all this is to get over the apparent selfishness and sense of entitlement he portrays on here. He takes a piece of furniture that is supposed to be for everyone to use, so he must think his needs outweigh those of everyone else. Selfish. And he cannot quite get himself to acknowledge it is stealing because he puts it in quotes, and even though he knows it is supposed to be in a public place for everyone, he still says it is a “silly rule”. Entitled. And then there are the multiple violations of substance use, and so the apparent attitude that the rules just don’t apply to him. Otherwise you stop after the first warning.

I say this to you, @will97, not to lecture you but because if you come across that way to the Conduct Committee I don’t like your chances. Because like it or not that is how you are coming across on here, IMO.

@fallenchemist Actually, I was the one that said it was a “silly rule”. I’m part of the University hearings here and quite honestly it does seem like one of the more minuscule violations.

But on the other hand, perhaps @TomSrOfBoston comment on “Why don’t you just obey the rules? That would make sense.” came off more snark than it had to be. I am currently a freshman also and while his comment is justifiable as a fellow 18 year old I feel that I could relate to why @will97 would be upset by that remark.

I apologize for the misattribution.

I will disagree to some extent about the severity of the violation. Of course it isn’t on the order of many other offenses, but it is the type of thing that changes a campus (or a company or a town) if left unchecked. Because clearly if students keep taking these things, and there is no reason to think that kind of behavior stops with lawn chairs, then of course the university will stop providing them. And that is the difference between “It seemed like a really nice campus that was a welcoming place to be” and “Oh I don’t know. It seemed kind of plain and sterile to me, certainly not too different from some other campuses we saw. And definitely not as nice as some where they did some cool stuff for the students.” It is subtle perhaps, but things like that help set the atmosphere for the school.