Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action…

This sounds like you made a mistake to me, and probably you did it in self-defense.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much because I’m guessing you have a good reputation at the school and the teachers and administration will know what was going on.

Don’t worry about it until there really is a problem.

I strongly suggest your parents get involved right away. They need to speak to your current school immediately and find out if the school will put it on your record.

This is not something for a child to handle. It is a parental issue.

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I was told to delete this by a couple people.

If the school does decide to suspend you, be proactive about reaching out to Hill and explaining the situation. It might also be a good idea to ask the principal or whoever was in charge of handling the situation to write a letter corroborating your side of the story.

I really hope your school recognizes that you’re not at fault and it never has to become an issue. Unfortunately these things can get ugly for both sides when there is any sort of physical altercation involved. Ugh I’m sorry this is happening to you.

Have a worst case scenario plan, but like others have said there’s no sense in worrying before you know how your current school is going to respond.

And if you haven’t yet, make sure you explain your side of the story to whoever is in charge of the situation. The sooner you can get them to understand your perspective the more lenient they will be.

i was told to delete this…

Did anyone who’s not friends with him witness it? Also I’m pretty sure school busses are mandated to have surveillance recordings, so they will likely review those.

If you’re in good standing at the school and can get your parents and other students to vouch for you (especially if the other kid has a disciplinary record), then the odds are in your favor.

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First of all , I am so sorry this happened to you.

If the school suspends you ,you should explain what happened if hill finds out.Maybe have a counselor speak on your behalf.

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At least in my county, if something happens on the bus, you’re not able to ride the bus for X amount of time. If that was the case for you, it wouldn’t be all that bad for your record.

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I’m fine with that.

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In most states (if not all) schools are mandated to have surveillance recording so if your bus does that would be great. Also, if you have always been in good standing with the school and in one incident decided to throw a punch that should not appear on your record especially if there is an understanding that the student you were in an altercation with has a history of these things.

Oh no. This has been going on for months??? I am so sorry. You seem to have had every right for self-defense. It also seems that mostly adults know the truth, and in todays world, their view on what happened will probably be prioritized over anything that his friends say. Either way, if the school suspends you, have your guardians tell Hill what happened. Did the bus driver see this happen?

Yes to all of this. I’m so sorry that this is something you have been dealing with for so long. Without a doubt, this needs adult intervention. Your parents need to talk to school administration asap and and figure out what the disciplinary action will be and if it will be reported to Hill. If it will be reported, again, have your parents take the lead on this. Contact Hill, explain the situation, and offer to have your counselor and therapist speak on your behalf as well. You will get through this.

I suggest delete this post as this is a public forum and if the alleged somehow gets a hold of your concerns, he or his friends will report the incidence (whether you get suspended or not) to your new school in Fall and get you in trouble.

Maybe You can seek advice maybe from some members privately.

Just my 2 cents.

However, since it involves sexual harassment , you should be fine . Just make sure you state that. Don’t worry too much. Stick to your story.

I think you need to approach this very carefully. At our public school, you would be expelled for the first punch. You would be suspended for a punch thrown. If it was your local school, you might keep your program assignment. If it is not your local school and you are a magnet guest, you would likely be expelled to your home school. In the first case the circumstances would not matter. In the second case, they might.

If you had reported the harassment (not just had evidence of harassment) and you were punched in response, it may be relevant.

Our school takes harassment very seriously and a kid was expelled from our special program the third week of school for harassing SweetBoy. We actually had nothing to do with it. The harassment was made known to admin before us, the discipline choice was made without our input.

yes it is at regular lps. parents are already involved, and we can’t foresee any serious punishment. i’ll most likely tell my new school about the situation this way they have an understanding.

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I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this.

I went to a miserable junior high school where I found such incidents unavoidable. (A NFL player who had gone to the same school many years earlier told Sports Illustrated that after his first day there, he realized he’d have to toughen up - fast.)

Prep school was such a relief.

Yeah all the people who genuinely know me agree that LPS is not for me. I think I tolerate most people to a certain point, but after months of comments that at first didn’t bother me, I got angry. I have a pretty good temper but I get angry at comments that are as rude and hurtful as his. It really sucks, and so I’m hoping I don’t get in big trouble(which honestly seems quite unlikely as there is compelling evidence from ADULTS that this has been going on).