Disciplinary Problems College Applications

Something happened during my last year of middle school and I’m not sure if I am supposed to report this on my college applications. What happened was that the principal said that I will be receiving a superintendents suspension and I will have a hearing and all that. However, I never received mail about anything related to the hearing and suspension and it never ended up happening. I do not know what happened or why I never actually never received the hearing/suspension. Am I still supposed to report this?


Doubt it. Sounds like it was meant to scare uou. More important, it was middle school.

You have to look at the wording on the Common App. You have to. Not just for this question, but to undertand the presentation you make.

Make sure you know what years your targets look at, for the whole app.

"Have you ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at any educational institution you have attended from the ninth grade (or the international equivalent) forward, whether related to academic misconduct or behavioral misconduct that resulted in a disciplinary action? These actions could include, but are not limited to: probation, suspension, removal, dismissal, or expulsion from the institution.”

Talk to your GC, learn what they do or don’t report.

If it was 8th grade. All set and you can move on.

Thanks for the answers!

Hopefully you are a senior, have not had any infractions since middle school and have learned your lesson. In this case I would not report it as I don’t think it relevant anymore.