DiscoSwat 2020

Hey guys! Didn’t see a thread for the Discover Swarthmore program this year, so I made this one. Applications were due this week, but does anyone know when we get our decisions? The portal says mid-August, but the email confirmation they sent says early September, I believe.

It should be mid-august. According to the threads from last year, they actually release it on August 15th, which is smack-dab in the middle.

Woah that’s really soon. thanks @sumgood !

Website says early September

I believe they said that last year on the website, as well, but every year, it gets released mid-august. Furthermore, the portal says mid-august.

@sumgood Haven’t gotten a notification yet…

I personally think it will be closer to the September mark since the deadline was so much later this year. I am also wondering if they are accepting more students since it is virtual and not such a financial hit for them as fly in would be.

@mom2boys1999 For sure, that makes sense. I doubted that they’ll release decisions so quickly. Guess we’ll have to wait until Sept then!

Did anyone hear from Swarthmore? Thanks!

Don’t think so.

Nothing for me yet :confused:

Results are out, I got in

I got in too!!

My son got in too

I got in as well, congrats everyone!!

Got in!