Discounted Lyft rides from UCF Student Government

I found out that the UCF Student Government has a deal with Lyft to provide discounted rides for UCF students.

Supposedly, students are entitled to two discounted rides per month, and the rides fall into two main categories.

Main Campus area rides – these rides appear to be only on Friday and Saturday nights from 8 PM to 3 AM – basically party rides, lol. There is a $7 discount, which should cover most of the ride. The coverage area includes all of the main campus and most of the off-campus apartment/shopping/dining areas near the campus. There is a map on the Student Government webpage.

Airport Rides – from the main campus area to MCO, with a $15 discount. That should cover almost half of the fare, and there don’t appear to be any day/time restrictions on this one.

I can’t post a link here, but just go to UCF and use the search feature and you’ll be able to find it.

One thing about Lyft. Their promotions can be kind of shady sometimes, so you really have to read them thoroughly to be sure you are getting the promotion.

An example of the restrictions Lyft puts in:

The main campus Fri/Sat rides must START and END within the map area. If either the pickup point or dropoff point are outside of the map boundaries…NO discount.