Discouraged by $$$...

<p>How many of you here will do anything to attend NYU but the $50,000+ price tag is setting you back? I'm praying to all of the Gods so I can receive at least $10,000 in aid, but since it's NYU, I probably won't get nuttin'.</p>

<p>yes!!! My dad is really really REALLY against me going to NYU because of the ridiculous price tag...he was like if you get in with no scholarship, you are obviously not going there..he expects at least half scholarship in order to even consider letting me go there...haha I guess I will have to keep dreaming on lol</p>

<p>ditto ALL OF THAT.</p>

<p>sigh.. NYU is my dream school by 439204832 miles...</p>

<p>well even if nyu doesn't give you merit aid you can always count on fafsa for federal aid if you're low income right???</p>

<p>Dammit, I'm backed into a corner now. I just got rejected from UCLA today, and I was hoping that if I couldn't make NYU work UCLA would be my financial back up.</p>

<p>I'm going to try my hardest to make NYU work. I just can't let this school go; it's too amazing.</p>

<p>believe in your dreams ;)</p>

<p>I'm on the same boat as you guys...NYU is my dream school, but my parents' income is high enough so that I won't receive financial aid and they're really against me going anyway. Plus, I just got an unexpected acceptance to UCLA and any rational minded person would choose the less expensive and more prestigious school (-according to USNews), but not me...can someone tell me I'm not crazy?</p>

<p>lartic, you're not crazy. I chose NYU over Brown last year although the latter provided me with more money. It's a matter of choice really. Visit both, check out the atmosphere, see if you'll be able to tolerate the surroundings for the next 4 years. If so, you might have a viable choice.</p>

<p>nyu is 50,000 with dorms and 35,000+ without it right?</p>

<p>NYU costs the same as that of any other private institution if you calculate correctly.</p>

<p>a portion of that 50,000 is estimated expenses that you can definitely budget your way out of.</p>

<p>It's not the actual cost that is overwhelming, it's the fact that NYU is notorious for giving little if any financial aid. Yeah many top-tier private schools at the same level or higher cost the same but at least they are generous with aid. The elimination of loans, cut of point for parental contributions etc. make the other schools more affordable.</p>

<p>Yes the aid is my problem. If I don't get at least 10,000 in aid I'm going to be at UW Madison, which is a really good school but I'd rather live in NY.</p>

<p>yeah...same boat vvvvaaaapppp. If i don't get something like that I'm going to be at Newhouse in Syracuse where they were nice enough to give me merit aid</p>

<p>Because of the price tag, NYU is in my bottom three.</p>

<p>I'm facing this dilemma as well. I've applied to plenty of schools but the places that I sincerely want to go have given or I expect to give little financial aid. My parents are already dissatisfied with our FAFSA EFC and I have a feeling that NYU won't even bring it down to that. Any insight on need-based financial aid at NYU? I know that you are automatically considered for merit aid and I won't find out about that until I get my official letter (I've only gotten the congratulatory reception invitation). It seems that there may be some decent merit scholarships for Gallatin, but I'm not sure I'll be receiving any. :(</p>