Discover Swarthmore 2019

Hi everyone! I applied to the Discover Swarthmore program, and am eager to see who else applied? I’m extremely nervous but also kind of excited? I noticed that there wasn’t a thread so I figured I’d make one. Hopes, stats, essay topics, anything? :slight_smile:

My daughter applied for the Discover Program. She has a 33 ACT/34 Superscore (which I don’t think Swarthmore considers ACT Superscore?). She has taken 7 AP classes through her junior year. 3.98 UW/105+ weighted GPA. We are from Texas. Does anyone know how many applicants are typically accepted?

Yes, Swat super scores.

Just got my results 40 minutes ago. Rejected but fee waiver :slight_smile:

Just got rejected as well. 1490 Sat, 4.35 GPA. My essay was okay, it took me a day to write, but I thought it was pretty strong.
Best of luck to everyone else!

Similar stats. I think my ECs are decent, and my essay was alright. Probably cuz I’m asian and middle class

Rejected today. 1540 SAT, 34 ACT, 94 GPA. 9 APs through junior year, registered for 4 more APs senior year. Application fee waived. I’m thinking this is indicative of a rejection after application process despite Swarthmore insisting that it’s not.

@DisneyUniversity No, rejection by Discover Swarthmore isn’t indicative of rejection of admission. My child didn’t get into this fly-in program but was was accepted for admission months later. Although all can apply, they probably give priority to the URM like all the other similar fly-in programs. If you are an Asian male interested in LACs, you may have great chances to be invited to the fly-in programs offered by Vassar, Carleton, and Grinnell.

My daughter hasn’t heard back yet. Anyone else still waiting to hear?

All decisions should be out by now. Did she check her spam? Mine was in my spam.

That’s hopeful news to hear about admissions. Congrats. Caucasian.

(stats: 1580 SAT; 4.88W GPA; 11 AP’s; 800’s in Math-2 and Physics; decent EC’s but nothing spectacular; 300 hrs community service; essay around my community-service + interest-in-major adapted for the prompt - think it came out fine). I wasn’t expecting to get in anyway - not URM or first-gen (middle class asian male interested in science). Got the app fee waiver - hope this is a positive indication. I am going to apply anyway.
Congratulations to everyone who got in and good luck to everyone else for admissions.

My daughter was not accepted, but was given a few waiver for her application. She’s very, very likely going to apply ED1.

Added comment - my daughter was not accepted into Discover Swat, but was admitted in the early admission 1 round for class of 2024 (and had a few waiver for applying to Discover Swat). So you definitely have a chance to get into Swarthmore if you don’t get into the fly-in program! Good Luck everyone!