discrepancies btw app and transcript

<p>I went to the counselor today and she gave my the resume they sent out to CU.</p>

<p>ON there, they have left out some leadership positions (which I put on the application)</p>

<p>Also, the countries that I have toured as a dancer are mixed up (which I attached in my add'l info)</p>

<p>Do you think the adcoms will even notice the discrepancy.</p>

<p>For ex, it says I am scheduled to tour Holland and Hawaii onthe add info page, but on my resume it says Switzerland</p>

<p>yeah your definitely out, 2 countries not matching is a definite no-no ... maybe you can try to get your app fee back before they even start to review it. sorry.</p>

<p>just kidding! seriously , you people get all crazy about the slightest detail... it doesnt matter at all what country u put at all...</p>

<p>any other input?</p>

<p>I am thinking of making my counselor send another resume in for me.</p>

<p>rp123, not only wrong country but no sense of humor either....</p>


<p>and that's all i have to say.</p>

<p>OMG, isn't it illegal for you to see those transcripts?
They're strictly confidential...
I had to sign a contract with my school saying that I will never see those documents....!</p>