Discrete Mathematics?

<p>What is it? and is it easier/harder than Diff Eq?</p>

<p>Discrete Mathematics usually teaches combinatorics, boolean logic, basic set theory and elementary number theory. You might learn to answer questions like:</p>

<p>How many different necklaces can you make with 3 blue, 4 red and 8 white marbles?
How many integer solutions (x,y,z) are there to the equation x^2 + 2<em>y^2 = 3</em>z^2?
How do you design an electric circuit that computes the sum of two one-digit numbers?</p>

<p>Discrete Math is often used as an introduction to rigorous mathematics and proofs. The difficulty of the class depends on the professor. Discrete math can be made arbitrarily easy and arbitrarily hard. (For example, a slight modification of a very simple problem can give you a problem that is still unsolved.)</p>

<p>See the readings at this website:</p>

<p>MIT</a> OpenCourseWare | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | 6.042J Mathematics for Computer Science (SMA 5512), Fall 2002 | Readings</p>