Discrimination at FAMU

<p>Hey i am a senior about to apply for colleges. FAMU is my first choice. I visited and loved it but i know it is a historically black college, will i be discriminated against because im white? Thanks</p>

<p>This question is ridiculous, which is probably why no one has answered it. But I have nothing else to do right now so I will.</p>

<p>The answer to your question is no. I think you should definitely look into going, though, because I have heard of special funds for “minority” scholarships (I’m assuming you’re a guy), which you would qualify for since the majority of students at FAMU are black females. In addition, from personal experience, you would get a lot of “love” from administration. In saying that I mean they would do all they can to keep you because (a) you add to the diversity and (b) if you stay you would help the retention rate. NOT TO MENTION, FAMU had very generous scholarships. </p>

<p>Hope I helped. :)</p>