Discussions may now be tagged

its looking a great idea[url=<a href=“https://www.alitechhub.com/textsheet-alternatives/%5D.%5B/url”>https://www.alitechhub.com/textsheet-alternatives/].[/url]

With all the glitches this site has, I can’t believe THIS is a high priority.

Just about everyone uses a mobile device, and yet you can’t seem to get an app developed (again).

But this tagging posts is important? No, it’s not.

I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to ask this question. With the ability to tag, is there the ability to create a new sub group of those tags? Would it be possible to filter all of the COVID-19 tagged threads into a sub group so we can come to CC and not have it in our faces?

Is it possible for us to delete tags we are not interested in at all?

@CCadmin_Jon Who is responsible for updating the orange banners at the top of the page? Stanford and Vanderbilt are not Ivy League schools. Other schools releasing decisions on March 26 include UC Berkeley, USC and Duke. I’m sure there are others as well.

Can we change the banner to read “Schools releasing decisions on March 26 include all Ivy League colleges as well as Stanford, Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, USC and Duke” ?

Hi @thumper1 . I get it. There are lots of nagging issues on the site that make it harder to use. I’ve only used it for a few months (and not heavily at that) and there are things I find frustrating too. Not to divert responsibility, but we have an almost entirely new team working on the technical aspects of the site starting just this year. So we have a lot to learn. Tagging is supposed to be an easy feature to implement since it’s just a configuration setting. But we’ve found the new theme makes it somewhat harder to implement than that.

Unfortunately, we’re stuck with some of the glitches until we can work out some technical issues on the back end. (I don’t want to be cagey about it, but we’re still in the discovery phase about our plans.) When we have a better handle on how we’re going to proceed, I’d like to collect feedback on the most pressing issues.

I’ve seen a few things just in this thread:

  • Pinned posts are not differentiated enough from other posts.
  • Certain topics (such as chance me and COVID-19 threads) are unwelcome intrusions for some users. There’s no way to hide them currently.
  • There’s no mobile app even though roughly half of our traffic comes from phones.

In addition, I find browsing for new discussions to participate in very confusing. Looking at the site as it existed last year, it’s a lot easier to browse. And I know the login/registration system has been unstable since we changed it in December. So I agree we have a lot of other problems that need solving. I happen to think tags will be a useful tool to help people navigate the forums, but I’m aware it doesn’t come close to solving the most pressing problems.

@lkg4answers, thanks for flagging this! I corrected the Ivy League announcement and we’ll have a new one for the rest of the schools coming up tomorrow.

Not really understanding this at all. All I know is that I wish the COVID threads had their own spot and were NOT mixed in with the non-COVID cafe spot. This topic is an exception - it’s brutal to have to wade through the heavy COVID content to find other topics to read/discuss.

I have seen no evidence of “tags”??

Are the tags those orange banners at the top of the page? Cause I find those REALLY annoying!!

@abasket - those orange banner things ARE annoying. Sometimes there are x’s to close them ,but not always.

The tag things are hard to find. I found one for this thread (I think) by going to the main forum page and then scrolling down and finding the tag box in the lower right corner. In fairness- I didn’t find it myself. ANother CC’er had to tell me how to find that.

Thanks @jym626 . Well, that “service” will not benefit me! I have a largely “one stop shop” and I’m not clicking all over the site!

@CCadminSorin and @CCadminJon Probably in response to your orange banner, Stanford tweeted that their decisions will be released on Friday, March 27 at 4 pm.

Can you be sure that all those banners have an X to close them? Not all do, and its distracting.
As an aside, still can’t figure out how to tag a thread.

@CCadmin_Jon - Is there a way for you to add a tag to a thread? Didn’t see how to do it when starting the thread yesterday.

@jym626, all the banners that are up should have the ‘dismiss’ option.

@jym626, currently users can only ad existing tags. The longer term plan is to keep creating new tags that will then be available for use.

Thanks, @lkg4answers! I updated the announcement accordingly.

Hi - Would it be possible to add Bucknell University to the Class of 2024 RD Discussion Directory?
Today is their RD notification date.

@PVB511, I added Bucknell to the Class of 2024 RD Discussion Directory below:


@CCadmin_Sorin will it be possible for us to delete those tags? Most of them are of zero interest to me…and I can see the list getting longer and longer. Some of us just don’t want to see those tags. Give them a “x” too.