Disgusting - Judge caught on tape beating his teenage daughter

<p>On Yahoo!, I saw an article about a video on Youtube that is basically a man beating his 16 year old daughter with a belt for using the computer and downloading computer games illegally. </p>

<p>The video is 7 years old and it is absolutely disgusting. I couldn't finish watching it. How is it that this Aransas County, TX Judge at Law (William Adams) is such a piece of work with his own daughter yet he handles child abuse cases at work? It blows my mind. </p>

<p>I have no words. </p>

<p>I didn't want to link the video - it is very disturbing but you can look it up on Youtube or read the article on Yahoo. It's called Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet and is about 7 minutes long. The daughter herself, Hillary, posted the video recently to expose her father. It has more than 2 millions view. Sickening.</p>

<p>The only good thing is that most people in 2011 are sickened by it. I bet the Judge was beaten like that by his own dad on a regular basis. My sister and I were "spanked" but only ever a couple of swats with a mom's hand, and definitely not past elementary school. But my husband and his siblings were beaten like in the video, only probaby worse,for relatively minor infractions, through high school, and it was not at the time considered abuse. It makes me ill to think about it.</p>

<p>The interesting thing is that I heard H's stories in college and they made me sick. Now H claims to remember little of it and neither he nor his siblings feel as if they were abused as kids. I think my FIL was abusive but for the kids, that's how it was. (But none of them discipline their own kids that way.)</p>

<p>I had nightmares last night after viewing part of that video. My mother beat me with the buckle end of my dad's belts, as well as with hair brushes and shoes, but only when my dad wasn't at home. She lied to him and said that either she'd "had to discipline" me or that I'd fallen/had an accident. Threats of worse beatings kept me from telling him the truth. A teacher once asked about welts and scars on the back of my legs, but I lied and said I'd gotten hurt playing. No doctors or nurses ever asked. My earliest memories of the beatings are from when I was 4 or 5, and they continued until I was in high school. The shoe across the face was the last incident, because I finally stood up to her. After pushing her away, I threatened to tell my high school president who was also our parish priest (and her boss; she started working part time the year before.) My escape was to get early admission to college at 16. </p>

<p>My MIL used a wooden spoon on her kids, but did so very rarely and confined herself to one swat. Neither dh nor any of his siblings were/are bothered by it. Everyone they knew got spanked or swatted back then. </p>

<p>The difference, I think, was that my mother went into violent rages much like Judge Adams on that awful video. She lost control and said horrible things that hurt more than the beatings. Of course, it was always my fault for making her "discipline" me and if I hadn't been such an ungrateful brat (& far worse) then she never would have done those things; at least that's what I was told. I spent decades trying to be good enough for her to love me, but she told the truth when she said she wished abortion had been an option in the '50s. As soon as my father died and she had no need for me to take care of things for him, she told everyone that I had disowned her. Finally, I gave up. I granted her wish to have nothing to do with me for the remaining few years of her life. My siblings, who are much older and did not suffer the same abuse, thought I was a bad daughter because I refused to travel to see her or to attend her funeral. It was a relief to not have her in my life any more. </p>

<p>My concern about Hillary Adams is that she seems to believe that her father will accept help and they can have a normal family relationship. Given his reaction to the video, I don't believe he will change. I hope that both she and her mother have restraining orders against him, have good security systems in their home(s) and are cautious. A snake like that could strike hard once he realizes that his career and income may suffer due to his past catching up with him. It will, once again, be all her fault and he may wish to make her pay.</p>

<p>It is all over the local news here in Texas and has been for a few days. Not a good situation. The young woman was interviewed here and it seems she posted the video because current violence in the home was getting worse. The articles I have read said she has CP but is really drawn to technology. She just wants her dad to stop. To treat her with respect. She felt posting the video would make him see himself and get help. She never wanted him to get in trouble and now wishes she never posted it to begin with. It is sad to see her. She just wanted it to stop and now realizes that you can't un-ring a bell. I believe she did the right thing, but I do know this is only the tip of the fallout.</p>

she told everyone that I had disowned her. My siblings, who are much older and did not suffer the same abuse, thought I was a bad daughter because I refused to travel to see her or to attend her funeral.


<p>So very sorry you had to go through that, silpat.</p>

<p>When my cousin was 22, her dad left her mom and married a 24 year old. We all felt very sorry for my aunt. We were astounded that thereafter, my cousin had nothing to do with her mother and sided with her dad. Family members didn't speak to her for years.</p>

<p>As the decades have gone by, I started putting things together and realized that my cousin had been abused by her mother. Her father (the cheater) traveled a lot. A whole lot. They always lived far away from relatives. My cousin's behavior finally made sense and I'm pretty sure she won't attend her mother's funeral.</p>

<p>Silpat, your post is a good reminder that when adults have nothing to do with a parent, there may well be a very good reason and others should not judge.</p>

<p>The saddest thing to me was to see/hear the fathers response to the the questions he was asked about the videa by reporters. He showed no remorse, and he did not feel that the "beating" was "that bad". Makes me wonder exactly how bad some of the other beatings this child endured were. </p>

<p>There is a difference between spanking a child, and beating a child.</p>

<p>Silpat, I am terribly sorry for your ordeal. </p>

<p>Hard as it is for most of us to comprehend, sometimes it seems that parents simply take against a child, perhaps because of factors affecting them when the child was born. I had a friend in college whose parents treated her as the odd one out in a family of about 6 siblings. (Both were alcoholics, and both died young from alcohol-related conditions.) At least in her case her siblings were supportive, and the older ones verified that when she was a baby their mother had never held her, and so forth. I think the siblings gave her the love and attention her parents did not.</p>

<p>Absolutely sickening...I couldn't watch it either. The only good thing that may come of this is that he will drop or lose his current custody petition for the younger daughter.</p>

<p>Scary thing is he was in family court...</p>

<p>If he had done that to a stranger on the street he would be in jail. Nthisbwas not discipline, this was assault and battery at a minimum.</p>

<p>While I absolutely do not condone beating, or even hitting, your child, we've all "lost it" with our kids...whether we screamed or yelled or said something unkind. Isn't it horrifying to think that a moment where we lost it as a parent could be posted on You Tube for the world to see?</p>

<p>I saw it and it was disgusting. No one should ever beat a child (or anyone) this way or speak to their child in the way he did. Also disgusting is that the mother fully supported the father beating the child like this and started beating the child herself as well. </p>

<p>There's no excuse for this kind of behavior by any parent.</p>

<p>On top of that this abuser is also a judge even though it's clear from the video that he's judgment impaired and has no business being a judge. He needs to be removed from his position asap and ideally spend some time in jail himself.</p>

<p>This wasnt a one time event, this was long time abuse...and while I have yelled at my kid, i have never ever hit them, much less hit them with a weapon.</p>

<p>Maybe knowing that if you mistreat someone, that maybe it could be you tube might get more people to think twice or count to ten.</p>

<p>I took a picture of a woman hitting her dog while I was telling her to stop. At least that dog wont get hit in public</p>

<p>The judge is trying to deflect the story by claiming daughter is trying to get back at him because he w cutting off support and he told her he was wasting her life. He is trying to get sole custody of his ten year old daughter, the parent split up.</p>

<p>He is an animal, he is not a man, and his playing victim right one is pathetic and shows how low he will go</p>

<p>Silpat, I am so sorry that you suffered such horrible things.</p>

<p>I am nauseated after watching that video.</p>

<p>I watched the video earlier today and it made me feel sick. Truly sick. I hope that poor girl gets the help she needs and that that poor excuse for a parent is prosecuted if it's possible. This type of brutality was assault/abuse 40 years ago and it's assault/abuse today. There was no excuse for it then and there is none now.</p>

<p>Missypie, The girl herself set up the video cam because she was beaten often enough that she anticipated it. If this was a one time "losing it" situation, that would be bad enough. However, in that sort of situation, nobody would have set up the video cam in her bedroom to record it. The fact that there IS a recording inside a bedroom with only the girl and her parents present suggests that the young woman is telling the truth when she says that it wasn't a one time thing.</p>

<p>I'm NOT saying that doing it once would be defensible. Just saying that this obviously was NOT "only one time."</p>

<p>I've been trying to figure out this story without having to watch the video. It sounds like it was a horrible beating that wasn't a one time thing and now the dad says that he didn't do anything wrong.</p>

<p>The victim says her motivation in broadcasting the video was to get her father to change. Maybe now she will come to see that he won't change and she will take it from there.</p>

<p>I don't really know what I mean by she'll take it from there. The decision to end a relationship with a parent must be excruciating. I know some people who have done it and they don't talk about it. I don't think a relationship with a parent is always worth salvaging, but I don't know where the line is between hanging on to it and ending it.</p>

<p>Loved that Matt Lauer asked the victim, "Are you aware that your father could lose his job?" Love that the MOTHER was there whining that her husband needed help and she was brainwashed into helping him.</p>

<p>The "father" deserves to be arrested for child abuse and removed from his job.</p>

<p>One good outcome is that I am sure the father will not win custody of the ten year old!</p>

<p>Brings bad lots of bad memories here too! I hope he gets what he deserves and learns something from this!</p>

<p>I can't watch that.</p>

<p>But I'm glad enough people can that that young woman was able to get her younger sister out of the situation. Still, she will feel guilty for "breaking the family code of silence" for a while.</p>

<p>I hope she gets some help, too.</p>

<p>Silpat and LuLu, I'm so sorry to hear you experienced violence like that. Something goes wrong with some people. I will never really understand that kind of thing.</p>