Dishwasher Detergent.. What Brand?

<p>I thought I should start another thread since a dishwasher thread had started turn into detergent thread.</p>

<p>I am pulling my hair about what should I do to clean dishes with the dishwasher. Do I have to prewash everything? If so, what is the point to have a dishwasher? Which brand detergent can do a better job? I tried every thing in Costco and more. It seems to me none of the detergent on the market worked. I began to believe its either the washer or the water.</p>

<p>Your thoughts?</p>

<p>Most dishwashing detergents work well if not very well. It could be your dishwasher. It might also be that you have a hard water problem.</p>

<p>I think the ban on phosphates in dishwasher detergents may be responsible. I have been having good luck lately with the Finish Quantum Powerballs.</p>

<p>Use Lemi shine additive to your detergent. (available on Amazon)</p>

<p>I second the Finish Powerball detergent. I used Lemi-Shine for a while and it worked well at first to get rid of the film on the glasses, but that stopped working eventually. The powerball one works beautifully.</p>

<p>I third the Finish Quantum Powerballs....they are really pricey but work very well. I scrape the dishes (don't really rinse) and just make sure that the dishes aren't glued together in the DW. I try to pick them when I'm at Target.</p>

<p>Cascade is the way to go!</p>

<p>But it has to be Cascade Complete. There's another Cascade that doesn't work well for me.</p>

<p>I'm very interested in this thread...HATE my d/w and have since the day we moved in. We've used kirkland, cascade, cascade w/ dawn, added rinsing agents. We nearly wash the dishes before we wash them. What a stinking PITA! It's a GE Profile and <em>was</em> top of the line at the time we built the house six years's never been good. Open to any and all suggestions.</p>

<p>Its sounds like I want to try the Finish Quantum Powerballs...?</p>

<p>After they took the phosphates out of regular dishwasher soap, the regular cascade left my dishes really dirty and covered with a white, gritty film. I ordered the commercial cascade online (commercial is still allowed phosphates) and have had no problems since. After a few washes the white film build up went away. </p>

<p>I started a thread about it back then and lots of people recommended the power balls and lemi shine. So I may try that once the 6 boxes of commercial are finished.</p>

<p>Cascade complete doesn't work for me. Another vote for those Finish powerballs. I was very close to replacing a high-end Bosch diswhasher when CC parents, once again, saved the day!</p>

<p>This is what we use
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<p>Probably swimcatsmom's thread.</p>

<p>here's the old thread. Lots of suggestions.</p>

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<p>On Amazon there seemed to be several versions of Finish Quantum Powerballs...</p>

<p>Can anyone tell me if these are the right ones, or if it makes any difference?</p>

<p></a> Finish Quantum Base, 25-Count: Health & Personal Care</p>

<p>I ordered the commercial grade cascade with phosphates from restockit. It is six boxes for $49.95 and free shipping. It solved my problem (as mentioned in the other thread). The white film on my black cooking utensils also disappeared after a few washes with the new stuff. I may give the powerballs a try once my stash is exhausted.</p>

<p>blueiguana - Kmart has them at a better price.</p>

<p>Finish Quantum Powerballs: 1, do a great job; 2, are the easiest to use; and 3, are available at Costco!</p>

<p>^ Excellent, Costco I can do easily. Thank you!!</p>

<p>Wait... Is this the stuff we are talking about in Costco?</p>

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<p>Its NOT working well for me...</p>

<p>Finish Quantum Powerball has saved a marriage and a kid from disinheriting his parents. The old thread on dishwashers/detergents was even more helpful than all the CC threads on how merit aid works! Quantum Powerball, recommended on the earlier thread, saved our dishwasher from an early demise when our dishes were coming out scummier than when they went in. </p>

<p>S2, the one who was applying to colleges when the dishwasher started to perform poorly, was especially disgusted by filmy glassware. Parents facing a year of tuition payments for S1 and S2, did not relish the idea of replacing a kitchen appliance.</p>

<p>However, no Costco near us. So DH searched ebay and bid in two different auctions--not something I would do simultaneously, but he did. One auction was for 300, the other for 200. Yikes. We are now awaiting the arrival of 500 Powerball tablets! Whew! DH points out that they "don't go bad."<br>
If the economy continues to tank, we won't be eating out much, so I guess we will be glad to have 'em.</p>

<p>Artlover-It looks like those are the All-in-1s and not the Quantum Powerballs.
FINISH®</a> QUANTUM® Dishwashing Tablets - Dishwasher Products | FINISH®</p>