Dismissed from 4-year university

I was dismissed from a 4-year university. In two years I will be able to appeal to the school for readmission. Has anybody been through this? Were you able to get back into school? What did you do? Or what do you wish you did?

Go to a community college and start fresh.

Academic fraud ?

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You were dismissed as a junior for a Title IX violation. It’s been a year, so your suspension was for 3 years? I wouldn’t plan on going back to that university. What does it say on your transcript?

THe community college idea would be useful if you still had gen eds to complete, but being a junior you probably wouldn’t find a lot to take there that would count towards your degree.

Where do you see he’s a junior ? Did I miss something. He said a 4 year school and he can reapply in two years. I don’t see info related to status or violation.

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Sometimes the school of choice doesn’t work out. There are open admissions schools all over the country that will take you and probably most of your credits. I have a few friends/family with checkered academic careers, so I know there are options.

I do not recommend waiting to try to get back into the school that dismissed you. It is unlikely they will take you back, and time is your enemy when it comes to college. Your chances of graduating go down every year you go past 22, for no other reason than life happens.

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I’ve worked with over 200 students disciplined under Title IX since 2015. Some students have successfully petitioned for readmission; others were not readmitted; the largest group transferred without trying to get back into the original school. Any of these approaches can work to allow you to continue your education. The one thing you should not do is count on being able to return to the first school. Even if you do everything right, it’s not really within your control. Whatever you do, it would be smart to get expert help.