Disputing someone who gives you advice?

<p>Recently I posted a facebook status asking friends's opinions on whether or not I should get a microdermal piercing. I've already done a lot of research on it and just wanted to know if anyone already had one and wanted to give firsthand experiences.</p>

<p>What I got instead was people just telling me not to do it and giving reasons with no real proof. One girl who I barely even talk to gave such wildly inaccurate info that I really want to tell her how wrong she is. Would I be wrong to dispute her probably well intentioned but poorly informed advice? Or should I just let it go? I mean after all, I asked for firsthand experience and all I got were people ranting without any real knowledge.</p>


<p>meh nothing wrong with educating people</p>

<p>I'd let her know about the wrong information and thank her for her concern. Like you said, it's well intentioned.</p>

<p>Welcome to the real world, where people ignore requests and do what they want.
Then again, you live in a fantasy world, where you don't know whether people you call your friends (that, being on Facebook) have microdermal piercings.</p>

<p>Thanks princessmahina and this mortal soil, I think I'll try and find a nice ay to tell her that doesn't come off as me being a know it all.</p>

<p>And beolin, you're the second troll I've gotten on this thread, congrats, you must feel so good about yourself now.</p>

<p>Don't be a prick. You asked for advice. That means you wanted input from other people. Don't start a debate with them. It seems like you really want to get this piercing, you've done your research, and you were just looking for validation you didn't get. In that case, just ignore what they said and do what you want, but don't argue with them. They're just giving you advice.</p>