Dissing colleges

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@jym626 I’m talking about the fact that some members seem to dismiss my own school just because it’s regional haha. Lots of other quality, slept-on schools that are “regional” also, such as College of Charleston, Christopher Newport, Appalachian State, James Madison etc.

Although I will say that it’s the public regionals that always seem to get the short end of the stick, and the private regionals are always propped up and praised. And once again, it’s the Southeastern regionals that are looked down upon by the arrogant Northerners who think even stonewall average school in NYC/New England is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Really annoys me.

CofC, App State, JMU are good schools. Haven’t noticed them being dissed. But oh well- their loss.

Dissed may be a strong word, but definitely overlooked as good options .

@jym626 @carolinamom2boys my point exactly. They’re not dissed (my school is sometimes, once again by Northerners and Californians who think their word is holy). But they, the Southeastern public regionals, are grossly overlooked while Northeastern/private regionals are irritatingly overhyped.

It’s not dissing. A smaller pool on CC is interested in some colleges, but we mention them, nonetheless, as good options. Nothing wrong with southern regionals. Or their smaller sisters. CoC, Elon, WF, Rollins, New, CNU, Furman, and more, do come up. UNC and USC . UAH and the biggie, UA.

But, with a hug, Lbad, the posts where people assume all northeasterners are Ivy crazy or region centric drive me nuts.

Of course not all of them are - I’d have to apply that stereotype to my own self, with a hint of irony. But seeing people only ask for suggestions in the Northeast region all the time makes me roll my eyes with a somewhat sizable amount of contempt.

@LBad96 no one bashes your school on here from what I’ve observed. It’s just annoying to myself and many that you constantly denigrate NE and Cali schools and elevate your school far above others that are widely viewed (and ranked) as better than yours. You come off as having a serious case of sour grapes.

@itsgettingreal17 I don’t denigrate Cali schools at all. I think they’re good schools! But I’m just flying the flag for my school here. No sour grapes from my end - I didn’t even apply to any schools farther west than PA.

We happen to have a lot of colleges in the NE. A quick look suggests triple the number of colleges and uni’s versus the southeast, in a much smaller footprint. 1500 vs 500.

Population density is key. Lots more people packed into small areas in the NE versus more of a fair spread in the SE. I never truly understood why the NE had more people tbh. I mean, what could possibly attract people to bitter winters? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m saying this as someone who once upon an ancient time (a brief period in junior year of HS) refused to look outside of the NE myself. I probably wouldn’t have even heard of my school if it wasn’t for this site. But 12 out of 14 schools I applied to were in the NE, which I now fully realize is overkill. If I had to do things differently a second time around, I would have definitely had a more geographically diverse list of schools (in addition to having no more than 10 max).

I think this is part of the problem, though. Some people like one region more than another for a variety of reasons, from weather to concentration of population to social factors. The northeast has a lot of attractors, even if they aren’t for you. You’re complaining of elitism of the northeast but seem to feel that those who prefer the northeast are inferior by the way you post…

I am not at all saying that those who prefer the Northeast are inferior, as that would be very hypocritical of me. I do apologize if that was the implication. But I believe that people should be open to suggestions from all over and at least check them out, even if they may be a little far for their tastes. That was how everything worked out for me. :slight_smile:

I’ll weigh in as a Southerner who grew up in a mid Atlantic state. I don’t post negatively about schools in any area of the country that I don’t have first hand knowledge, but it is frustrating to see the south discounted on quite a few posts when the poster , usually a high school student , with statements like " I’d never go South of Virginia" " My parents would never let me go to Bama" It truly is a personal decision what region people choose to investigate for potential schools. The tone of some of the posts is what I find frustrating. I’ve yet to see a post from a Southern student saying "
My parents would never let me go North" That’s not saying there hasn’t been one, I just haven’t seen one. Why can’t people just say " I prefer to limit my search to the Northeast or California , etc? That’s what frustrates me.

Agree with lookingforward. The reality is most (not all) students attend college within a few hours of their home. And the concentration of schools in the NE is greater than elsewhere. Have to disagree with LBad96 that NE’ers and CA’ers think their word is “holy”. Thats silly. In fact, it sounds as stereotypic as the comments that are being disputed.

Even in the SE, UNCW is not on a lot of students’ radars. Its a pretty area, near the water and a fine school. But more OOS students in the region tend to be familiar with Ch Hill, Asheville, App State, NC State, Charlotte, Greensboro, etc. Add to this the fact that the NC schools have a freshman OOS enrollment cap of 18% and it just may not be likely that students, especially those far away who may not have a lot of experience with the public NC schools, will explore further. You did, and you are happy. That’s great.

So… as for the most annoying threads-- those that get hijacked or go wildly off topic :wink: (ETA I see many agree!!)

Very true, @carolinamom2boys. That’s probably the worst part. It’s not the fact that they prefer their home region, it’s the sheer snobbery and condescension in their posts. Only lends credence to the alternatingly fair/unfair stereotype of NE’ers being full of themselves and heavily region-centric.

@jym626 actually, I would think we are definitely more known to OOSers than the likes of App, Asheville, Charlotte and Greensboro. We have a higher percentage of OOSers than either of those schools. Many OOSers at UNCW are from the NE, actually. But that is a weaker point of the school - we should focus more of our OOS recruitment efforts on the Southeast. Actually, scratch that. We should market ourselves more in general.

Well, where I live that does not seem to be true, @LBad96 . And as an aside, UNCW has only13% OOS enrollment, but that is higher than App State’s 9% OOS enrollment. Regardless I would suggest if you want to discuss this further, start another thread.

I will…tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue: