Diversity at Pepperdine?

What is college life like at Pepperdine? How is the religious and political climate on campus? I understand that it is a Christian university, but I was wondering if it is more relaxed and liberal like LMU or is it pretty conservative?

It’s not liberal, in my opinion. There are three required religion classes…and no choices…just the three they state. We visited the school in 2005. It is one of the most beautiful campuses out there…all those gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean from every building.

But our impression was that generally the school is conservative. Im sure there are less conservative students there as well.

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Definitely Christian and more conservative. There are also many more women attending than men. LMU and Santa Clara are more diverse.

Did you read this thread? Current religious and political climate at Pepperdine

Thank you for sharing that link. As an alum & current parent of a Pepperdine student, I shared my thoughts there. As the year just wrapped, our perspective remains the same.

Also, the ratio in 2020 of females to males was 58% - 42%. Seems pretty reflective of the national trend.