Diversity at WashU

<p>At the **************.com site, WashU gets only a C+ for diversity. Will like to have some insight why this rating is so low.</p>

<p>Not sure which site that is (it got asterisked out) or how the ratings were complied, but I think Wash U is pretty diverse. I think the stat is 40% are multicultural. I believe Wash U falls short to similar colleges on amount of hispanic students, but stacks up fine with respect to SE Asians, asians, and african-americans. Lastly, while this isn't counted in the traditional definition of diversity, Wash U definitely has far more geographic diversity than any other school I considered. East coast schools seemed to have everyone from the east coast. Wash U is much more balanced with respect to that measure. </p>

<p>Some students at Wash U think that there isn't enough socio-economic diversity here. If that rating is student-generated, maybe it's because of that? Still, I personally disagree with that sentiment. A lot of students here (I think the stat is 50-60%??) receive financial aid, which is comparable to similar colleges. Either way, Wash U launched a massive scholarship campaign last year and they keep boosting the amount of financial aid, so clearly Wash U is making a concerted effort to enroll more lower-income students anyway. </p>

<p>Without knowing much about how/why some website gave us a C+ for diversity, I still think that rating is a bit harsh. I didn't notice Wash U to be lacking on that front when I considered colleges and don't think we're lacking in diversity as a student now.</p>

<p>CC does not allow competitive sites to be named. I will try again - coll<em>gepr</em>wler.</p>