I’m currently studying at SUA as a first year student. One thing I like about Soka is diversity. I have been really enjoying the environment where only 450 students from over 30 different countries and 23 different states study on same campus. Our classes are based upon discussions unless those are introductory classes. Because we are all from different backgrounds, we learn so much when we discuss specific topic. I experienced it when I took a Pacific Basin class in the fall semester. We were basically studying about how the transportation of people, technology, information and so forth across the Pacific ocean. In the class, I found the migration of people in developed countries from rural area to urban area the most. Each country has different backgrounds of how the migration happened and, peers in my class perceived them very differently. This diversity naturally makes me learn not only in class, but also outside class. When we have meal at the cafeteria, we get to have conversation with others and, learn different cultures each other. I love this environment to be able to interact with and learn different culture each other.