<p>How big is the Indian population in Wisconsin-Madison? How's the asian population in general? And finally, how are the girls? :)</p>

<p>Indians/Asians are probably the largest minority population on campus. A lot of asian-americans and natives (especially in the grad schools).</p>

<p>I meant the Indian-Asian, not Native Indian...but either way I see your point. Well my concern is its wisconsin, and stats say there's only 4% minority population in undergrad.</p>

<p>By native I meant native asians, or international students. There's currently a 10 year plan in place to increase diversity that is supposed to end in 2008. This is a reaction to a viewbook the university put out in which a black person was photoshopped into a group of white people. That really hurt the image and they're working on it.</p>