<p>How diverse is UCSD? Is there a good amount of different people? Males vs. Females? International students?</p>


<p>diversity.ucsd.edu would be a good place to start.</p>

<p>there's a lot of asians. hehe. but there's definetley great diversity. i mean it's a huge university with lots of people.</p>

<p>my suite, out of 10 people, 6 are asian, 3 are white and one is indian. haha. i guess my suite isn't as diverse as others. hehe.</p>

<p>If you want to see international students there's more than enough at international house.</p>

<p>to contrast aditami, i had 2 asians, 1 latina and 7 whites in my suite last year. this doesn't include me.</p>

<p>Ah...thanks for the info :)</p>

<p>there are eight people in my suite: five asians, two whites, one indian</p>

<p>You should check out the 3 campus community centers when you visit. A lot of cool people hang out at all 3. =)</p>