division III and regular admission

My nephew has had two coaches express strong interest in him as he’s had a great season wrestling this year. However, from what I’ve read if a coach is going to push for a student in admissions, it’s going to be during the ED process. So, can we assume that their interest is more along the lines of “if you get in on your own, we’d love to have you” vs. “we’ll push for you in the admissions process?” Thanks for any advice!

Not to be glib, but the answer is simple – ask the coaches.

The answer to a great extent depends on the school, as not all D3 admissions committees are created equal. But the coaches can and should be able to tell your nephew whether they can help him with admissions or not. In addition, asking the coach lets him know that your nephew is seriously considering that school. Who knows if he’s going to bother to speak to admissions absent that interest?

That all said, the likely answer would be that a good word from the coach would count about as much as an excellent letter of recommendation from a teacher, i.e., it will help some, but won’t change a ‘no’ to a ‘yes’.

Thanks Asleepatthewheel- I will tell him he should ask the coach.

Can anyone share their past experiences with the question? How did RD go with regular admissions and the coach input?? My daughter thinking of Div 3 regular decision and some D1 regular decision.

Amys2021- my daughter is on a D1 team at an ivy and I know the coach supported the applications of three girls ED and then supported the applications of two girls RD- so it can happen at a D1. I’m just not sure about D3

Also, ivies may be different as they tend to recruit later (at least this was true in my daughter’s case)

Coaches do most of their recruitment during ED but all coach’s still recruiting during wrestling RD beause states are in late winter. You MUST ask the coach directly, will you support my admission?

Thanks bayfront2-I will pass that along.

Not a wrestler, but my sister contacted D3 schools for recruiting and did not apply ED to any of them. She initiated contact with some schools as late as Christmastime, one week before applications were due! She DID receive athletic support from her schools and was just informed of an early acceptance to one of them this past week.

Certainly, coach support can happen with RD applications. The problem is how much support can a coach actually give – and an admissions committee will defer to – if the recruit does not indicate that he or she is committing to the school. One story comes to mind of a high achieving academic recruit who did not apply early because his family wanted to compare financial aid awards. He was rejected from NESCAC schools from which he was well in range statistics wise and was admitted to a midwestern school as a recruit with merit aid. Things worked out well, but then again not if his first choice was the NESCAC schools. I have heard several stories of recruits who were recruited to NESCACs, chose not to apply early, and did not get in because the level of coach support was too watered down during the regular admission phase. It depends entirely on what the recruit and the recruit’s family wants. As a general rule, if you want the admissions bump that being a recruit can provide, you should apply early.

I agree with @AsleepAtTheWheel that one never really knows until you approach the coach and ask. If a coach is needy for players, you may be in luck. If the coach needs only 5 recruits, chances are that they have been filled during the ED phase.

This is not the time to be shy. Ask straight up “will you support my application with admissions?” Otherwise, the coach will encourage you to apply (as all coaches do) and let the admissions chips fall as they may.