<p>I feel so terrible right now. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go meet a professor who I might have a research internship with... BUT IT'S ALSO THE DAY OF THE CRICKET WORLD CUP FINAL & I AM INDIAN. My family's actually going to another family's house to watch it & I'm going to be the reason we have to leave early before the match even ends. I FEEL AWFUL... but I already cancelled on the prof once & I can't do it again... can I? Do you guys think if I cancelled again he would give me another opportunity? I don't think so... he seemed kind of annoyed last time. ARGH, I don't even know why I decided to make this thread. I'm just so upset with myself. =( PLEASE, if you're reading this, just pray for something miraculous to happen which will make the prof cancel on me instead... or for me to get a response from the other prof I asked saying that he definitely does have room in his lab for me & that someone is willing to supervise me. OR please pray for India to be winning by a landslide so that it's obvious we're going to win & I don't feel horrible for making my family leave during a nail-biting match. I know it seems dumb, but it's a big deal. INDIA IS IN THE FINALS. WE HAVEN'T WON THE CUP SINCE 1983. THE NEXT CUP IS IN 2015. Please, if you're reading this... overlook my stupid emotional, irrational behaviour & please PRAY. I'll love you forever.</p>

<p>I’d suggest that you meet with him and avoid canceling it. Since he seemed annoyed last time, you wouldn’t want to take a chance. I’m also Indian and I know how big cricket is for our families, lol, but an internship is at stake here, and that’s significantly more important than cricket. Hope it all works out!</p>

<p>Also, GO INDIA!!!</p>

<p>Don’t worry, Sri Lanka will win.</p>

<p>But seriously, if you’ve already cancelled on the professor once you really shouldn’t do it again. So you’re going to have to decide which is more important, or better yet get your family to record the match (with a VCR or DVR).</p>

I love those guys so much. Yuvraj was crying… man of the series!!! =) SINGH IS KING, I LOVE YOU!</p>

<p>Anyways, about the internship… I’ve decided not to take it. It’s really far from where I live & I would feel awful if my parents actually thought it was important enough to drive me there twice/thrice a week in the summer. PLUS I’ve found other things I can commit to instead & I actually feel like they’re far more important & more satisfying. BUT I’m going to try pestering my local university about it again, just in case there is one professor who will respond to my emails… <em>fingers crossed</em>. D:</p>

<p>I feel like crap, though… my mom thought this meeting was so important & she actually took out the time to drive me… an hour there & an hour back. I feel terrible. We caught the match & watched it again in replay, but still. I feel awful.</p>

<p>OH & a word of advice… if you’re ever going to watch the world cup at family friends’ house, make sure you really love those people before you go. I was bored out of my mind today. Couldn’t even scream in front of those people when Dhoni hit a sixer. :stuck_out_tongue: SO I WATCHED IT IN REPLAY AT HOME & CRIED. =)</p>

<p>I was shocked to see the results when i typed cricket in the cc search(wanted to see if americans are as crazy as us Indians)
Glad that you people saw it, i am still in india and will go US coming fall, yesterday was huge guys, India gate was flushed with more than a 1000 people, cricket is the only religion which binds all Indian people.</p>

<p>Anyways, can I expect some good cricket in SUNY Binghamton? Since India won the cup, i am all the more willing to play !</p>