Do 2nd Semester Senior Grades Matter for UCs?

I know that for admission decisions, they don’t look that senior grades (or freshman grades).

However, I’m certain that they look over your senior grades once you do get accepted. I’m curious as to what grades they will consider having your acceptance revoked?

I got a 4.0 UCW GPA first semester of my senior year, but some classes are getting a bit difficult and I’m not so sure I can keep up with even a B (AP physics 1)

Would they revoke an acceptance if I get a couple of Cs? Or do they just care if it’s a passing grade (C- and above)? Just curious as to how much slack I actually have 2nd semester.

I’m mainly concerned with the policies in UCR, UCD, and UCI.

Thank y’all in advance!

This is only hearsay but from what I have read online that is only a real concern with UCB and UCLA.

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UCB and UCLA’s provisional admission contract historically stated you need to maintain a 3.0 Unweighted GPA, no more than 2 C’s Senior year and no D’s or F’s.

All the other UC’s, require a 3.0 weighted GPA, no D’s or F’s.


@Gumbymom If a student ends up waitlisted by a UC (UCD and UCSC in particular) will the senior grades matter? In our situation, my son has been working pretty hard to maintain straight A’s in case he ends up waitlisted. I’m wondering if it will actually help him, should the dreaded waitlist happen.

For UCD if you are on the waitlist: We will review your 200-word statement, as well as the fall grades and spring coursework-in-progress that must be submitted as part of your waitlist acceptance. So, for UCD doing well 2nd semester will help.

For UCSC, you just opt into the waitlist with no statement but maintaining good grades is important for all schools, but you cannot submit 2nd semester Senior grades to help get off the waitlist unless they change their process this year.

Thank you! Part of me wishes that he could just cut loose and have fun since the rest of senior year has been such a drag. It’s good to know that his continued hard work might be something that helps him get what he wants.

Do you know specifically about the waitlist re: grades, etc for the other UCs?

I do not have that information at my fingertips. Each UC campus website will have information regarding their waitlist which could change this year. Just google UC campus name waitlist information.

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