Do 6 SatII worth?

<p>I am an international student preparing for CC.</p>

<p>Target Schools (from safety to dream)
Ivys, Stanford, UCs, UNC, BC, virginia etc. </p>

<p>Intended major
Philosophy or History or economics
(or double 2 of them above)</p>

1900(math 700)</p>

<p>SAT2 believe it or not,
Japanese with listening 800
Spanish with lisetning 800
Chinese with listening 800
American history with 800</p>

<p>and I expect to score 700^ in math1,2 if I take them.</p>

<p>Too bad Korean won't be helpful since I am Korean</p>

<p>I've heared I need to be really special to transfer to TOP schools</p>

<p>I see usually people send 2~4 SAT2 scores, but how about 6?</p>

<p>Will it be helpful or just look like a sat2-obsessive student??</p>

<p>what should I say. Another economic top performer we have here. Of course it worth a lot. Congratulation to you, and keep it up. I had wish if I were your bright I was in high school.</p>

<p>.... I have no idea what the two people above me are talking about but...</p>

<p>When you apply to transfer they don't ask for your SAT scores or SAT2 scores so they are basically worthless sorry to say.</p>

<p>peterr86 is spot on about UCs. </p>

<p>The private schools may/may not ask for them. (in which case your SAT I is kind of low)
The UCs will definitely not.</p>

<p>Edit: Instead of studying Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese you should have focused on English...</p>

<p>I am pretty sure the person who posted this is is pretty good at english. Language, despite how different the symbols are, demands a same logic system, although different by culture the expression may differ. </p>

<p>But anyway, yes, go for undergraduate, like Princeton I am thinking, or somewhere you like. You have great talent in language as I see here, although I know you not.
Despite whatever you pursue, go for it.</p>

<p>Princeton</a> University | Eligibility</p>

<p>Princeton doesn't take transfers</p>

<p>Cornell is your best shot</p>

<p>All the other Ivy's transfer rate is near 6-7% acceptance and we are talking</p>

<p>4.0 gpa 2200+ SAT score + 800 SAT 2 score. for transfer.</p>

<p>Also if you didn't have a shot to get into Ivy from High school you have basically 0 shot now. </p>

<p>They put as much weight on high school rigor/schedule as well as CC transfer.</p>

<p>I would say for Ivy's their order of priority for transfers would be</p>

<p>Other Ivy's
top 50 US institution students
international students
CC students</p>

<p>To be honest the 6-7 acceptance number might include 2% transferring from HYPS school within the ivy league .</p>

<p>Stanford is basically impossible without amazing E.C's</p>

<p>U.C's are your best shot being public institutions and i'm not too familar with UNC and the rest but iirc UNC is pretty upper echelon and being out of state hurts your chances as well.</p>